Pro-Trump tour flies over McDonald’s ‘Devil’s satellite’ and ‘Deep State’

Emily Erkonin/Getty

Emily Erkonin/Getty

far-right “reawakening americaA gathering in Mannheim, Pennsylvania, this weekend wasn’t your typical Trump support rally.

it was the whole Wrong the level of crazy.

of Q anonSaturday’s Pepper programming was frequent as speakers raised serious questions about everything from McDonald’s being part of the “Deep State” to the “Satan satellite” that controls the US voting system. I got on track.

The day’s activities began with a prayer that Trump’s eyes could be opened to show him when to “implement divine intervention.”

“You surround him, Father, none of this Deep State garbage, this RINO garbage,” cried the speaker who led the prayer as attendees thrust their hands into the air.

Other speakers included Roger Stone, Michael FlynnCandidate for Governor of Pennsylvania Doug Mastrianoand MyPillow CEO Mike Lindellalthough the crowd favorite appeared to be the host Clay Clarkfrequently denounced with a microphone McDonald’s Inquire about being part of a “deeper state,” Michelle Obama’s sex.

“What is Michelle Obama’s gender?” Clarke asked. The crowd overwhelmingly shouted “Men!”

Then, without a second thought, Clarke proceeded to claim that there was a “food war” and that dismal left-wing groups were trying to force the populace to eat “insect burgers.”

Clark didn’t stop there. Elsewhere, the organizer—The gathering once sparked an anthrax scare— called people who wear masks on planes “Jackass ah-ye.”

Stone played Ivanka Trump, “Abortion Bitch Girl” Longtime unofficial Trump adviser tried to flip script, claiming video showing him encourage violence It was actually part of the “continuous harassment” of him.

Roger Stone had a seizure after not getting forgiveness, called Ivanka an ‘abortion bitch’

“I am guilty of supporting the president donald trump,” he said. “I love him for 40 years.”

Right-wing doctor Stella Immanuel devil’s spermurged attendees to pray for the destruction of both satellites and voting machines.

“We must pray and smash… Satanic satellites. We must send the Holy Ghost virus into their computers to destroy them, then they will cease to function. until after the election of

early Friday afternoon, Eric Trump— A longtime staple of fringe anti-vaccines conference room— took the stage, called his father, and attended a QAnon friendly meeting.

“We love you all,” said the former president, whose phone was sometimes muted because Eric Trump’s phone wasn’t close enough to the microphone. I’m going to put it back, because our country has never been worse than it is now.”

Eric added that he advised his father. was ordered to appear Before a committee on January 6th—to testify on the grounds that it was “the best pastime.”

“No one wants to drink beer, make popcorn and watch Donald Trump talk about election fraud in the United States,” he continued.

But perhaps the craziest message of the weekend so far came from Julie Green, a self-identifying prophet who told the crowd she had a direct message from God.

Pro-Trump rally attendees blame mysterious bogeyman for latest event flop

‘God, you can’t stop my son from being the rightful president,’ said Green Said on Friday evening. “He’s back and I’ll never see it coming because I can’t see how he’s going to be back center stage. And I’m going to be with him.” is.”

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