Problems are occurring in the QAnon world as Trump’s ally L. Lin Wood accuses “stop steal” as a deep state campaign.


Lawyer L. Lin Wood is wearing a red

Attorney Lynn Wood, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team, makes a gesture while speaking at a rally on December 2, 2020 in Alpharetta, Georgia.Ben Margot / AP Photo

  • Trump Alliance lawyer L. Lin Wood attacked Pro Trump’s cause, “Stop Stealing,” this weekend.

  • Wood blamed the cause of being run by Deep State operatives, a term commonly used in the QAnon circle.

  • “Stop the Steal” has consistently helped support unfounded, Trump-backed fraudulent voting claims.

Trump Alliance Lawyer Lynnwood “Stop stealing” Trump supporter known for pushing for groundless fraudulent voting claims about the 2020 elections, Performed by Deep State operatives.

“After investigating and tying the dots, we came to the conclusion that the Stop The Steal organization is a deep-state organization that raises funds for purposes other than FIX2020,” Wood wrote to his 762,753 Telegram subscribers on Saturday. ..

Wood called out “Stop stealing” organizer Ali Alexander, Alexander and the Georgia Republican Party Vernon Jones “Deep state operative”. He then linked them to former National Security Adviser and Trump’s ally Michael Flynn and wrote, “Connecting the Points.”

Flynn before QAnon conference When Selling QAnon goods..But on weekends, Wood He released QAnon as Flynn’s audio, which he calls “totally nonsense.”

“I no longer call Michael Flynn a general. F-Lin is just a deep state general. Sad but true. That’s my opinion based on facts. My own conclusions based on facts, not emotions. “Lin wrote.

“Be careful of anyone who is affiliated with Stop the Steel. All lies will be revealed,” he added.

Wood’s accusations that “Stop the Steal” is a deep-state organization have its roots in the QAnon-based belief. QAnon, an unfounded far-right conspiracy group that claims that former President Donald Trump is secretly fighting the devil’s childhood lovers and the cannibal “deep state” cabal, is known to Wood, Flynn, and others. It seems that QAnon influencers are brewing.

For example last week Kyle Rittenhouse attracted the wrath of QAnon followers After he said he had fired Wood over the latter QAnon’s belief.

Apart from this, Wood also Feud with Georgia Parliamentarian Marjorie Taylor Greene..wood Told the insider In October, he and Green were no longer “matching” in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results.

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