Proceedings promoting fraudulent election claims dismissed by judges

Atlanta (AP) — Georgia Judge Proceedings Former U.S. Senator David Perdue allegedly counted fraudulent or counterfeit ballots in the state’s most populous county during the 2020 general election.

Purdue filed a lawsuit with individual voters in December, a few days after announcing that he would challenge Governor Brian Kemp in the Republican primary. In particular, the proceedings sought access to investigate absentee ballots, which the petitioner said could prove that there was fraud in Fulton County.

Investigator with Secretary of State No evidence found To support the allegations of fraud, but it did not stop former President Donald Trump, Perdue and others from continuing to spread them.

The proceeding was similar to another proceeding filed by a group of voters. Dismissed In October, the judge determined that the group had not claimed “specific injuries” and was therefore not in a position to file a proceeding. The ruling was appealed.

Purdue and voters Elizabeth Grace Lennon alleged that their state constitutional rights to equality protection and due process were violated. Purdue argues that his particular injury forced him to vote with Democrat Jon Ossoff, who had lost him because he was a candidate for reelection in November but failed to reach a majority. ing. Lennon says he attempted a direct early vote in October 2020, but was told that someone had already submitted a ballot in her name.

Judge Robert McBurney of Fulton County Superior Court said in an order dated Wednesday that the proceedings were dismissed, “it’s not really about Purdue’s defeat or Lennon’s personal voting experience.” The central claim is that several batches of absentee ballots have been scanned multiple times, and thousands of illegal absentee ballots have been counted and certified in Fulton County.

These are allegations repeatedly pushed by those who claim that widespread fraud was stolen from Trump in the aftermath of the 2020 elections. As the Republican primary on May 24 approaches, Purdue, who is chasing Kemp in a vote, argues that “stolen and fraudulent” elections are a central pillar of his campaign, and about the lawsuit during the campaign. I talk often.

The proceedings require judges to declare that the county authorities have violated the claimant’s right to equal protection and due process, but such a declaration would undermine their interests in the future if the court does not act. Demands that it be proved, McBurney wrote. Instead, they asked him to declare what had already happened in the past, and the court couldn’t do that, he wrote.

The proceedings also told the judge that the petitioner’s expert “broke into the sealed ballots of tens of thousands of voters in Fulton County, looking for speculative fraudulent votes or mistakes, and then deciding what to do on their own. We are asking for a series of orders to authorize the decision. The “actual” number of votes should have been included in the election, “McBurney wrote.

“This strange journey doesn’t happen,” he added.

Purdue severely criticized the ruling, saying, “It is another example of how the establishment continues to conceal what happened in 2020 and actively appeals to this decision.”

The lawsuit “accused the county officials of” illegally, deliberately, just wanting, outwardly, maliciously, or corrupting, and non-apologically cheating. ” It caused Fulton County electors to experience “deprivation, dilution, corruption, and voting corruption.” “The general election,” McBurney wrote, but it does not seek remedies for allegations of infringement of the petitioner’s rights.

The proceedings require a declaration that the court cannot provide, without such a declaration, the petitioner’s request “will remain supported only by the sour grapes that make wine that this court does not provide.” Wrote.


The Associated Press writer Jeff Amy contributed to this report.