Professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy charged with one murder after victim died injured


Professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy A DuPage County lawyer told Fox News on Tuesday that he was charged with one murder after injuring a man who allegedly attacked a motel in Illinois.

36-year-old athlete debuts In court Since Kennedy does not yet have a lawyer, Judge Michael Lady continued the proceedings until August 9, 2021 at a hearing and Kennedy’s request for a new alleged murder on Monday.

State lawyer Robert Berlin claimed that the hearing was expected to take place that day, but Judge Lady ordered Kennedy to be held provisionally without bail.

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A one-count accusation imposed on Kennedy was filed on August 2, 2021, “Around 11:05 am on July 27, 2021, Kennedy in DuPage County, Illinois, Terry, 720 ILCS. 5 / 9-1 (a) (2) murder-1 degree-I committed a crime with a probability of death. “

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A medical inspector in Cook County confirmed that the alleged victim, Josiah Casahun, 23, died of “blunt trauma to the head due to assault” and the death method was determined to be “murder.” ..

According to the prosecutor, Kennedy said, “Without legal justification, he hit Josiah Kassahun’s head, fell to the ground, hit his head against the pavement, and kicked his torso. Josiah Kassahun said. Contrary to the form of law enacted and provided in some cases, and contrary to the peace and dignity of the people of Illinois, it caused the death of Josiah Kassahun. “

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The state law firm refused to provide additional details by citing the Illinois Supreme Court’s Expert Liability Rules, but the Oakbrook Terrace Police Department held a Kennedy bond hearing on August 9, 2021. He later claimed to issue a joint press release.

At the time of the incident, Kennedy was reportedly told to the arrested police officer, “I will kill one of your police officers. I will kill the police officer from my origin.” TMZ, According to the gossip site.

The outlet further insisted that Kennedy and Kasahun were once friends and often skated together during their days as up-and-coming skaters.

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Kennedy hosted his own reality show “Being Terrey Kennedy” in 2010. This lasted throughout the season, skating with Rob Dyrdek during his career and being the protagonist of the “skating” video game.