Professor calls on two Ontario universities to abolish compulsory vaccination policy


Wilfrid Laurier’s professor William McNally is angry that he must disclose his medical information as universities throughout Ontario are deploying a compulsory COVID-19 vaccination policy. He said he felt that observing privacy breaches was the only way to continue working.

“So I chose to reveal that information. I’m hungry, but I didn’t know how I could work without it. And if I didn’t teach the class, I wouldn’t go to college. There is a reason to fire me, “McNally told The Epoch Times.

recently Joint letter, McNally and four other professors urged Wilfrid Laurier and the President of the University of Waterloo to abolish the COVID-19 vaccination and testing obligations. The professors expressed concern about some aspects of the policies of both universities, including discrimination against those who chose not to be vaccinated and infringement of charter rights.

“The current COVID-19 vaccination and testing policy is a blatant violation of the university’s commitment to fairness, inclusiveness and diversity,” the letter said.

“This policy explicitly divides the university community into two groups, vaccinated and unvaccinated, and adds the requirement that the latter group undergo regular nasty biological tests for tax exemption. To do.”

The professors called for the following policy “It will be abolished soon When this thing Replaced by student and staff policies, The teacher has freedom of Vaccination and testing choices.. “

Wilfrid Laurier’s finance professor since 1999, McNally, said he had to apply for a vaccine passport or have a “nasal invasive PCR swab test” twice a week.

“”Me No NS Anti– –vaxxer. In Canada, we can’t believe we’re crossing this line of forcing and forcing people to get medical treatment against their wishes, “he said. “We believed in informed consent that individuals make their own health care decisions based on their own calculations and their own information.”

Wilfred Laurier’s vaccination policy requires students and staff to be fully vaccinated to access the campus. We have also developed our own vaccine passport in the form of a phone app called SAFE Hawk.

Wilfrid Laurier’s spokesperson said in an email that the university established, implemented, and adhered to the COVID-19 vaccination policy that requires employees, staff, contractors, volunteers, and students on campus from the state government. You are obliged to do it. ” To provide evidence of complete vaccination against COVID-19, or written evidence of eligible exemption. “

According to the university’s website, those who “cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or other reasons protected by Ontario Human Rights Code” can apply for tax exemption and must continue to undergo regular inspections. ..

David Haskel, an associate professor of liberal arts at Wilfrid Laurier, who also signed the joint letter, is not against the COVID-19 vaccine, but against forced vaccination “on basic human rights.” It’s a thing. “

“In the past, this activity at our university was against the law,” Haskel told The Epoch Times.

“Canadian privacy commissioner Daniel Terien revealed just a few months ago that privacy law cannot force citizens to disclose personal medical information to access public services. This is another example of the gradual removal of Canadian rights. We have to confront it. “

another Open letter The University of Waterloo, signed by a large group of faculty, parents and students, including alumni, is also calling on the UW to withdraw its vaccination and testing obligations.

“People may oppose vaccination for a variety of reasons, including medical, religious and philosophical reasons. In either case, the choice to be vaccinated is guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedom. It remains personal, as it has been, “said the letter, stating that the obligation is illegal.

Asked for comment by the Epoch Times, the University of Waterloo provided answers to two open letters.

“Academic freedom in which our community members express their opinions is essential to the university’s academic mission, but academic freedom comes with responsibility,” said the scholar, “ethically and. I referred to the guidelines on websites that require the use of academic freedom in a way that “meets professional standards.”

“Ensuring a high rate of vaccination remains the most important way to protect public health during a pandemic and reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

Some academia are afraid to be fired if they refuse to vaccinate.

Julie Pones, a professor of ethics at Huron University College, an affiliate of Western University, said on September 8. That video She faced “imminent dismissal after 20 years of work” because she refused vaccination.

“My school hires me as an ethical authority. I’m here and say it’s ethically wrong to force someone to vaccinate,” Pones said in a video. increase.

As far as McNally is concerned, getting people to receive medical treatment or taking medicine against their will is “anomalous rights to the Charter, rights to personal safety, rights to property, rights to one’s body. It’s a violation. “

He also states that the tendency to confuse anti-mandate with anti-vaccination is widespread, leading to the division of Canadian society.

“People make this a kind of mess in their minds. As soon as they talk about opposition to compulsory vaccination, they think you are completely against vaccination,” he said. Told. The reason for this kind of thinking lies in how the media reports on this issue.

“”NS Many of NS media teeth teeth on board When this. They are trying to cast anyone who opposes the mission as just a bad guy with bad intentions. You can portray them as evil and stupid because they are also stupid because they are against vaccines. “He said.

“I don’t know why I have to do that. Why can’t I tackle these issues with a little more nuance for each topic?”

Andrew Chen

Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.