Professor sues UCLA for suspension after allegedly not evaluating black students more generously

NS University professor California Los Angeles said it had filed a proceeding against the school system for suspending him in the face of a backlash against scoring black students more generously in the wake of the murder. George Floyd..

“Recently, I was suspended because I refused to treat black students as inferior to non-black students,” said Professor Gordon Crane, behind the proceedings. Editorial..

Eight days after his death in Minneapolis after a black Floyd was arrested in May 2020 (currently a former police officer was arrested) Convicted of murder), According to Klein, a white student sent an email to Klein and “harmed” a black student because of the racist “unjustified murder of Armor Arbury, Breona Taylor, and George Floyd.” No. ”I asked for the final match.

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“”[It’s] Rather than a joint effort to cancel the finals of non-black students, we ask our major black students to exercise compassion and generosity. “

According to Klein, in replying to a student’s “favorite” email, he was asked why he needed to pick out a black student.

“Are there any students with the potential for mixed races, like half blacks and half Asians? What do I suggest about them? Complete concessions or only half? And are the students Minneapolis?” He Wrote back. “I think they’re probably particularly devastated. The white students from there are even more devastated, as some people think they’re racists, even if they’re not. I think there is a possibility. “

His reaction was “Racist“By several students, they then created a petition for over 20,000 signatures requesting his dismissal.

“I was white and attacked for being’terribly racist’,” Klein said. “On June 5, three days after the first email arrived, I was suspended as the online campaign for me expanded.”

Around this time, he received threats of murder and derogatory remarks about his Jewish heritage, the professor said.

“You are a typical prejudiced, prejudiced, racist, dirty, dirty, crooked, arrogant Jew … Too bad Hitler and the Nazis are very necessary to you. I’m not around to give a nice Chicron B shower, “he said, reading an email.

UCLA The professor claimed that Antonio Bernardo, Dean of Anderson’s Graduate School of Business, suspended Klein without deliberating and banned him from campus.

“He clearly reasoned that timely publicity stunts could distract from the school’s reputation as a difficult place to live for people of color, not to mention the plunging rankings in the US News and World Report and Bloomberg Businessweek. No, “he said.

When his story broke, more than 76,000 people signed a petition to get him back, Klein said.

“Within less than three weeks after all this exploded, I was back,” he said. “But this story is not over.”

The professor said he returned after three weeks, but according to his editorial, he claimed to have suffered significant financial loss, severe mental distress, trauma, and physical illness.

“I have just filed a lawsuit against the University of California system,” Klein said. “Employees should not give in for fear of employers’ power to silence their legitimate views, and society should not tolerate government-sponsored dictators who violate constitutional obligations.”

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The Washington Examiner asked UCLA for comment, but did not immediately respond.

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