Progressive discussions with solid Republicans. It went as you would expect.

Republican Josh Mandel (left) and Democrat Morgan Harper (both US Senators in Ohio) had a debate in Columbus Thursday night.  (Photo: Jay LaPrete / Associated Press)

Republican Josh Mandel (left) and Democrat Morgan Harper (both US Senators in Ohio) had a debate in Columbus Thursday night. (Photo: Jay LaPrete / Associated Press)

Columbus, Ohio — Morgan Harper chose the candidate farthest from him, the candidate on the other side of the aisle, because he said he couldn’t get his main opponents debated in the Democratic primary in Ohio. The road on the other side.

A progressively vulnerable person, Harper discussed at a church in Ohio Thursday night about the far-right Republican Josh Mandel, who is presumed to be the leading candidate for the Ohio primary.

It went as expected.

Mandel, 44, reiterated that the Democrats were “looking down” on people of color like Harper, arguing why they wouldn’t discuss her because she wasn’t a “white man.” Mandel also predicted that she would set a record for winning a black vote in the Ohio Senate.

Harper, 38, counterattacked. “What we don’t have to do is get Josh Mandel to speak for the black community.”

At one point, Mandel called Harper “the Rooney Nancy Pelosi” to “advocate all this green energy” when Harper promised to support renewable energy to help mitigate climate change. I called.

In the strangest exchange of the evening, Mandel argued that there was no separation between the church and the state of the United States — literally the First Amendment.

I am a parent god, a parent gun, and a parent playing card. Fight with the Constitution in one hand and the Bible in one hand in Washington.Republican Senator Josh Mandel

“I don’t believe in separation of church and state. That’s not the case. The founding father of the county didn’t believe in separation of church and state. When reading the United States Constitution, nowhere about separation of church and state. I haven’t read it. It doesn’t exist, “he said, followed by gasping from the audience.

Not surprisingly, Harper and Mandel couldn’t get any further apart for almost everything.

Josh Mandel is a swamp.Democratic Senator Morgan Harper

“I’m afraid to take this man near the US Senate’s seat of power, as a woman, as a black man, and as a daughter with a mother who lives on a monthly pension,” Harper said.

Harper is a stubborn progressive who challenged Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio), the current chairman of Parliament’s Black Caucus, in the 2020 primary. She then ran with the help of Justice Democrats, a group that helped democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez knock out the incumbent New York City to win a parliamentary seat.

Former Treasury Secretary Mandel trafficked election plots and racist rhetoric to Trump’s base and turned seriously at the Primary to gain potential support for Trump himself. I did. Mandel has done many of his campaigns in evangelical churches.

“I’m a god, a gun, and a parent Trump. I’m going to fight in Washington with the Constitution and the Bible,” Mandel said.

Ryan’s campaign said he would discuss Harper at some point, but now focuses on meeting voters.

“It doesn’t matter if Josh Mandel is standing in a cornfield demanding an armed riot or presenting his unruly anti-worker agenda on the stage of the debate. He’s wrong for Ohio. , Does not belong near the US Senate, “said Ryan spokesman Itzi Levi.

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