Proposed state license plate displays warning for ‘out-of-state vehicles’

Supporters of President Trump carry Don't Tread On Me flags during a rally at the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, Saturday, November 14, 2020.

Supporters of President Trump carry Don’t Tread On Me flags during a rally at the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, Saturday, November 14, 2020.

It’s hard to keep up with Florida’s official enemy list.

Just when you think we’re running out, Governor Ron DeSantis is dreaming up a new fictional villain. Impressive.

Move beyond college professors, “woke” corporations, tech companies, transgender kids, “corporate media” types, and historians of racial injustice.

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There is a new kid on the block. People who come to Florida by “out-of-state car.”

New plate targets out-of-state tourists

seriously. A message from America’s most talkative governor.

“The Free State of Florida has new license plates for pre-order that benefit the Florida Veterans Foundation, sending a clear message to out-of-state vehicles: ‘Don’t step on me or Florida,'” DeSantis said. Tweeted.

I didn’t realize that “out of state” cars needed a clear message — about 20% of drivers in Florida don’t have auto insurance, and the state ranks second in the nation when it comes to motorists. Other than being informed of the rank. kill pedestrians

The don’t step message seems strange. Isn’t that what tourists do? Eventually, they park their car and literally walk around Florida until it’s time to go, leaving a trail of dollars in their wake.

I thought that was a good thing.

Florida 'Don't Tread On Me' Proposed Specialized License Plate

Florida “Don’t Tread on Me” proposal special license plate

The newly proposed state special license plate features a coiled rattlesnake first depicted on the Gadsden flag, a historic American flag waved as a protest against government tyranny. It’s a flag.

More recently, its colonial relics have been adopted as popular symbols by US Capitol rebels, right-wing militia groups, QAnon crackpots and Koch-funded tax protesters.

It serves as a valuable tool for identifying the laughing stock among us. So I’m all for giving people the option to put it on their state license plate.

(And good news: the personalized license plate “DUM AZZ” is still available from the state for one lucky “Don’t Tread on Me” driver.)

Confusing ‘Don’t Step On Me’ Message To Tourists In Florida

It’s not funny to discover that “out of state” cars are somehow added to Florida’s naughty list.

After all, isn’t it an out-of-state car full of out-of-state tourists? Their presence in our state during the pandemic seems to be a source of pride for DeSantis and worth the needlessly lost lives among the people of Florida. Elderly and vulnerable residents.

How to take one for the team, Granny from Florida!

The state is spending $50 million this year to promote out-of-state tourism through Visit Florida. DeSantis announced that Florida received her 34.1 million domestic travelers during the peak winter tourist season this year.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a press conference in West Palm Beach on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a press conference in West Palm Beach on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

“Economists had originally predicted that Florida’s tourism would not fully recover until 2024, but despite the Biden administration’s failure to fully manage inflation and the country’s supply chain woes, Florida’s Visitor numbers continue to break records and defy conventional wisdom,” DeSantis said. in a prepared statement.

“Florida’s tourism industry is starting out with incredible strength in 2022, proving that freedom-first policies always win, especially when battling poor economic policies emerging from DC.”

Oops, the message mentions that the federal government, which allegedly sabotages the government, gave the state of Florida a $30 million stimulus money, which the state used to boost tourism this year. had.

It’s an easy abbreviation. That’s because Fed is one of his DeSantis cartoon villains.

know. Confusing.

So many enemies, so little time. As for this new group, I think we like tourists, but some seem to need to warn us not to “step on” us while we’re here.

At best, it’s a mixed message.

At first, I didn’t understand why any group of self-respecting veterans would even want a “Don’t Step on Me” message on a license plate. At the moment, it’s a cousin to the Confederate flag.

Florida veterans have several license plate options

However, Florida already offers eight different license plates that appeal to veterans, so saluting veterans may be because it’s crowded. There are separate special plates for all branches of service: Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard.

There is also a special American Legion plate, another that says “Support Our Troops” and a generic one that says “Florida Salutes Veterans”.

The trick to getting new special license plates is to get enough pre-orders from drivers before they go into production.

So, in this case, Florida’s 3,000 drivers will have to pay for the new plates before they become viable. I don’t think the real audience for “Don’t Tread on Me” license plates are actual veterans who already have better options.

The new plate will appeal to Florida’s vast array of Mir Team Six commandos and the average Florida hothead looking for an excuse to arm themselves and act mad.

So if you’re an out-of-state visitor reading this, don’t be offended. This is typical Florida stuff. DeSantis’ sowing department again.

You are just the latest target.

We encourage you to make it a valuable learning opportunity. Consider it another gentle reminder that you have entered a state of stupid, unnatural belligerence with little reason.


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This article originally appeared in the Palm Beach Post. DeSantis says ‘Don’t step on me’ Florida tag warns out-of-state cars