Prosecution seeks five-year term from former neo-Nazi group leader

Alexandria, Virginia (AP) —Virginia’s federal prosecutor has pleaded guilty to colluding with other far-right militants to threaten dozens of targets, primarily African-Americans. Church, incumbent US Cabinet member and journalist seeking years imprisonment.

John Cameron Denton of Montgomery, Texas and others involved in the plot have threatened at least 134 to hurt people and institutions, often for racist reasons, a Justice Prosecutor said. I wrote in the court I submitted last Wednesday. They say Denton participated in “the most extensive swatting conspiracy in our country to date” and hoaxes were made to trick emergency dispatchers to send police to the addresses of unprotected victims. Mentioned the phone.

Judge Liam O’Grady of the US District Court will rule Denton on Tuesday. Denton was 26 years old when he was found guilty of conspiring to convey the threat in July 2020.

Prosecutors say Denton was the leader of a group called the Atomwaffen division. Since the formation of the group in 2016, more than 12 people involved in a sect called the Atomwaffen or Fuerk League Division have been charged with federal crimes. Many have been found guilty and have already been convicted.

Atomwaffen is associated with several killings, including two men being shot dead in an apartment in Tampa, Florida in May 2017, and a student at the University of Pennsylvania killed in California in January 2018. ..

Accusations against Denton and other Atmafen members and associates include the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, then Secretary of Homeland Kirstjen Nielsen and Old Dominion University in Norfolk, the hoaxes they targeted in 2018 and 2019. Concentrated on his “Swatting” call, where one of Denton’s colleagues went to college.

In court, the judge said the US Secret Service had mobilized local police from mobilizing local police to Nielsen’s home in Alexandria in January 2019 after alleging that members of the plot had been taken hostage.

Denton also made a swatting call to the New York City Hall of the press ProPublica and ProPublica reporter in Richmond, California. Prosecutors say Denton has taken revenge on ProPublica journalists for reporting on his work at Atomwaffen, including a documentary on the PBS frontline.

The prosecution said the reporter’s little son had a nightmare about the neo-Nazis kidnapping their families and killing their father, and from that experience a Mexican-American boy said, “Why the Nazis are like me. Do you hate brown people? “

“It’s just painful for a young child to ask such a question and be forced to flee with his parents for fear of being violently attacked,” they write.

Denton admitted that he used the “rape” and “tormenter” monicas in the online forums he used to coordinate his swatting calls.

“The conspirators also wanted to observe law enforcement agencies responding to their call, so they targeted individuals streaming live video,” the prosecutor wrote.

Another member of the swatting plot, a former ODU student John William Kirby KellyWas sentenced to 33 months in prison for his role in making swatting calls.

When Denton was arrested in February 2020, Seattle prosecutors also announced charges against Denton’s roommate Caleb Cole and others. Another plan to harass journalists and Jewish activists In three states. Cole has been acquitted and will be tried in September.

Prosecutors say they agree with the probation office’s calculation that federal judgment guidelines for Denton’s case require a period of imprisonment of 51 to 60 months. Judges are not bound by those recommendations.

“When Americans target other Americans based on race, religious beliefs, or other personal characteristics, we are all harmed,” the prosecutor wrote. “