Prosecutor crashes and burns in Kyle Rittenhouse, but polarized America doesn’t see it

NS Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Increasingly it looks like a legitimate version of the blind and elephant parable. By simply touching individual parts of the animal, men portray very different animals. According to reports of this study, a parallel study is believed to have taken place in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

But one consensus is emerging: things aren’t going well for the prosecution.

However, the reason for this development failure depends largely on what media you are watching other than the trial itself. It is the product of systematic error or systematic racism.

Rittenhaus faces six sins It ranges from primary murder to the misdemeanor of being a minor in possession of dangerous weapons. At this stage, the prosecution may even celebrate a misdemeanor conviction.

Prosecution’s bumpy start and finish

The prosecution went out of the gate at the trial. Gaige Grosskreutz The third A person shot by the Ritten House. Grosskreutz, under cross-examination, admitted that Rittenhouse did not shoot him when he raised his hand after the conflict. He admitted that the Rittenhouse fired after moving his pistol towards him towards the Rittenhouse.

Similarly, prosecution witness Ryan Balti testified that one of the others, Joseph Rosenbaum, shot. I was going to kill Kyle Rittenhouse..Other witnesses described Rosenbaum as follows: “Military” or “super-aggressive”.

USA TODAY’s Carli Pierson: Kyle Rittenhouse deserves an award for his melodramatic performance at the Witness Stand.

later, A prosecution called Richard McGuinnis, A journalist of the daily caller who was reporting from Kenosha that night. When Joseph Rosenbaum was shot, he was near the Rittenhouse. The prosecutor told McGinnis:I don’t know what Rosenbaum was thinking so far. At any point in his life. You have never been in his head and never met him. “

McGinnis said, “If that’s your question, I’ve never exchanged words with him.”

The prosecutor then didn’t know what Rosenbaum was thinking, so he pressured McGinnis, “It’s a perfect guess.”

At that time, McGinnis delivered the hay shop and said, “He told you (curse), and then he got the weapon.”

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The prosecution’s own medical expert, Dr. Doug Kelly, has forensic evidence that soot was injured in Rosenbaum’s hand. Consistent with Rosenbaum trying to grab the barrel Of the Rittenhouse rifle when the gun was fired.

It was exacerbated by the prosecution’s apparent violation of the Constitution when Binger began questioning Rittenhaus by commenting on his decision to remain silent.

The judge tore the prosecutor correctly. We know that no first-year student in the Faculty of Law can comment on the silence of the Mirandaized defendant after his arrest under Article 5 of the Constitutional Amendment. It goes without saying that we ignore court orders.

Biased media viewers

This has always been a difficult case, even if the prosecution did not force it. Wisconsin has strong self-defense standards.. After claiming that the defendant acted to repel the threat Prosecution is burdensome Refute the claim beyond reasonable doubt.

Instead, the prosecution urged his witnesses to create a layer of suspicion of the case. In doing so, it seems to have reduced the range of possibilities somewhere between the undecidable jury and full acquittal on major charges.

Kyle Rittenhouse testifies about shooting two people

Kyle Rittenhouse testifies about shooting two people

The problem is that many may not be aware that the case has collapsed due to such evidence or tactical failure. Undecidable juries and acquittals can be shocking and even higher levels of anger.This case Violent riots in Kenosha, And news coverage fuels the danger of new violence.

Even worse, some reports dismissed the trial as an exhibition of live racism. After Judge Bruce Schroeder enforced many years of constitutional principles Protected Defendant’s core constitutional right to self-incrimination.

USA TODAY’s Suzette Hackney: Kyle Rittenhouse shot the victim, but can’t it be said? What kind of judicial system is this?

MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross Advocate the removal of Schroeder I called on columnist Elie Mystal to discuss this issue. Earlier this month, Mistal said that uneducated white voters supported the Republican Party in the 2021 race.Run away with a gun to a black man, “Of course, I’m writing it This trial is fake..

One man is on trial, not society

MSNBC host Joy Reed also attacked the trial He suggested that the emotional collapse of Rittenhouse on the stand was a scam. Her guest, MSNBC Legal Analyst Georgetown law professor Paul Butler agreed and called it “the best performance of (his) life.”

Butler proclaimed the RittenhouseWell prepared by his lawyer To destroy his image as a happy guard who triggered a rampage in the Black Lives Matter protest. “

The butler who wrote it Black jury must use “Jury Invalidation” Rejecting a black defendant’s conviction in a drug case is acquitted fuel Future violence Depends on whites.

Reed added on Wednesday:If you want to know why a critical race theory existsThe actual law school theory, which emphasizes that perhaps American colorblind law still often has racist consequences, is nothing more than the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. “

However, the Rittenhaus should not be judged on the historical racism of society, and such history does not change the underlying facts.

Grosskreutz (white) Point the gun At the head of Rittenhouse, or he wasn’t.Rosenbaum (who was white) Grab the barrel of the Rittenhouse gun Or he wasn’t. These facts do not change with the translation of the CRT.

Much of the media correctly criticized those who contributed to the riots on January 6 with unsupported allegations of fraudulent elections. However, some of the numbers in the same media provide a distorted explanation for this case. The story can overwhelm the facts.

Moreover, if left unaware of the actual legal flaws in the case, the story may control the response to the failure of the conviction.

These protests are part of a larger debate about racial discrimination in our country. But this trial is about the behavior of one individual, not society in 2020. These actions have come to support acquittal for the most serious offenses.

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