Prosecutor defends new accusation against Ghislaine Maxwell

New York (AP) —Prosecutors hope to maintain Ghislaine Maxwell’s July trial date by defending the late-night extension of prosecution against Ghislaine Maxwell. Early 2000s.

Rewritten prosecution Submitted to a 59-year-old British adult on March 29, Maxwell sent three teenage girls to sexually abuse his then-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein from 1994 to 1997. Added sexual trafficking charges to the allegations of recruitment. The new accusation extended the plot until 2004.

Two days after the replaced indictment was returned to Federal Court in Manhattan, defense lawyer Bobby Sternheim called it “shocking, unfair,” based on evidence that the prosecutor had long owned. Abuse of power. “

“The government’s move later in the game is a tactical gamemanship that clearly sets the trial on July 12,” Sternheim wrote to the judge.

She said the defense lawyer had not yet decided whether to seek a postponement of the trial, but her letter suggested that it was likely and would be a further basis for Maxwell’s bail.

On Friday, the prosecutor wrote to the judge that he opposed the delay in the trial, which would take place almost exactly a year after Maxwell was arrested in a remote New Hampshire home.

They said the timing of the new accusation was “determined not by the malicious motives suggested by the defense, but by the ongoing investigation of the government.”

Prosecutors admitted that the woman, whose allegations led to new charges, was interviewed in 2007 during Epstein’s investigation in Florida. However, they said she did not agree to be interviewed in the current government investigation until July last year. And the face-to-face interview didn’t end until January.

The prosecution then said it had spent two months supporting the woman’s allegations before seeking a replacement prosecution in late March. Maxwell’s arrangement for new rates is scheduled for this month.

According to the complaint, the woman was repeatedly sexually abused by Epstein from the age of 14 in her residence in Palm Beach, Florida, between 2001 and 2004. Maxwell groomed the girl to engage in sexual intercourse with Epstein by giving her gifts and cash, it said.

Epstein was guilty of sexual trafficking when he died in a federal prison in Manhattan in August 2019.

Maxwell pleaded not guilty. She was detained without bail in a federal lockup in Brooklyn.Judge has Bail repeatedly denied A package that requires you to spend $ 28.5 million on your property, Maxwell needs to be at home, and armed guards block the flight.

The prosecution said it would oppose the request to grant bail if the trial was postponed.The defense lawyer is Maxwell’s My health is getting worse Behind the bar. The prosecution says it is not true.