Prosecutor withdraws Ferguson’s case accused of having sex with a student

The prosecution withdrew a lawsuit against a former John A. Ferguson High School history teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student because of lack of evidence.

The Miami-Dade state law firm closed the proceedings against Aaron Hamid on Thursday, and at the age of 27, “we couldn’t prove the proceedings beyond reasonable suspicion,” court records show.

“The lack of physical evidence, the victim’s refusal to cooperate in submitting an affidavit, the lack of digital evidence with hearsay exceptions, and the statement from the defendant are beyond reasonable doubt. Based on the inability to prove the case, “Kelly Hartman, assistant state prosecutor, wrote in a memorandum dated Thursday.

Hamid’s investigation reveals student best friends to school officials and police Sexual relationship.. The student confirmed his relationship with the police, and in November Hamid was arrested by the police, according to his arrest affidavit. He was accused of three felony charges, including crimes against students by authorities, illegal sexual activity with certain minors, and sexual activity with children in his family. ..

Hartman’s memorandum states that the student refused to answer questions about “the sexual nature of her relationship with the defendant” during the oath statement.

“The victim revealed that she had no intention of participating in the defendant’s indictment and would not provide any information,” Hartman wrote. According to the memorandum, the victim’s phone was “legally inspected” to regain evidence.

A conversation was found that referred to the relationship, but “we could not see an inappropriate direct conversation between the victim and the defendant,” the memorandum said. Hartmann states that numerous conversations appeared to have been deleted, but the examiner was unable to obtain them.

Hamid has been employed in the Miami-Dade public school district for four years and has no disciplinary history. When he was relocated from school during the investigation and arrested, the school district said he would end his employment and prevent him from looking for his future job at Miami-Dade County Public School.

The Miami-Dade County Public School did not immediately answer Miami Herald’s question about whether the district would rehire Hamid.

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