Prosecutors are calling for most charges to be withdrawn in doctors’ rape cases

Santa Ana, CA (AP) —Friday state prosecutors have filed most of the charges against reality show doctors and their girlfriends accused of drugging and raping several women at their homes in Southern California. I asked the judge to dismiss the alleged sex crime.

The Attorney General’s office, which took over the case from a law firm in the Orange County district last year, has filed a petition seeking dismissal of 10 indictments involving 6 of the 7 victims.

“There is no reason to believe that any of these victims are dishonest,” but the review found some allegations that could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt, the prosecutor said. I did.

The motion said the review revealed that there were allegations that could not be substantiated beyond reasonable doubt.

However, Judge Stephen D. Bromberg of the Orange County Superior Court called on the state to submit a detailed document before ruling a motion that could take place next month.

Noting the twists and turns of the case, Bromberg said it was “becoming an endless story.”

Surgeon Dr. Grant Robishaw, who previously appeared on Bravo’s television show called “American Men’s Online Dating Ritual,” was charged in 2018 with seven victims, and Serissa Riley was raised to five. I was charged in connection with it. At the time, officials said the two had given the victims drugs and sexually assaulted them when they could not resist.

Robishaw, 40, and Riley, 33, pleaded not guilty, saying they had reached an agreement on gender.

If the indictment is withdrawn, the case will be reduced to allegations that Robishaw and Riley assaulted a woman in 2017 at her home in Newport Beach with the intention of committing a sexual crime. The state is seeking to dismiss allegations that they have kidnapped women.

At the same time, state prosecutors want to file four additional accusations, claiming that the couple gave the woman a drug to have sex with her while she couldn’t resist.

Robishaw and Riley could face 10 years in prison if convicted of assaulting a woman. If the judge does not dismiss the other accusations, the conviction could be life imprisonment.

“There is no reason to believe that any of these victims are dishonest,” the review found several allegations that could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt, said Deputy Prosecutor General Yvette. Martinez said in court.

“Obviously, the victims don’t agree with this,” said Mike Fel, a lawyer for alleged victims who could be removed from the case.

In August last year, another judge decided to hand over the proceedings to the Attorney General’s office, believing that there was insufficient evidence to proceed after the law firm in the Orange County district tried to dismiss the proceedings. I ordered.

District attorney Todd Spitzer has accused his predecessor Tony Luckaucus of creating the case to step up his reelection campaign.