Prosecutors are investigating whether Matt Gaetz has interfered with the judiciary in a sexual trafficking investigation, the report says.

Matt Gaetz

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz addresses the House Judiciary Committee’s findings on President Donald Trump’s bullet each investigation at Capitol Hill, Washington, on December 9, 2019. AP

  • Prosecutors are investigating whether Congressman Matt Gaetz has interfered with the judiciary, Politico reported Wednesday.

  • The investigation concerns calling witnesses of a sex trafficking investigation targeting Gates.

  • Gaetz has denied allegations against him, including paying for sex with a minor.

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Prosecutors are investigating whether Congressman Matt Gaetz interfered with the judiciary in an investigation into sex trafficking. Politico Reported on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Justice investigating A Florida lawmaker violates federal sex trafficking law and has a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

Sources told Politico that the obstruction to the judicial investigation was related to Gaetsu’s phone call to witnesses in the case. Witnesses were talking to Gates’ former girlfriend on the phone, but Gates called a former lawmaker. The content of the call is not clear, but the outlet reports when it determines whether Gaets has been charged with sabotage. did.

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Judiciary obstruction Is the act of “affecting, interfering with, or interfering with, or influencing, interfering with, or attempting to interfere with the legitimate control of the judiciary.”

Gates denied everything Claim I’m against him. A Gaetz spokesperson did not respond to insider comments on the obstruction of the judicial inquiry, but one said in a statement to Politico that the House of Representatives did not violate any law.

“Member Gates pursues justice and does not interfere with it,” the statement said.

Politico reported that Gates’ former girlfriend is seeking a deal because of concerns that she may have violated the judiciary. CNN reported on May 1. Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend was working together I’m not sure if it’s the same ex-girlfriend who was involved in the call with the prosecutor.

Gates’ investigation of former President Donald Trump’s loyal supporter reportedly stems from another Florida Republican and former tax official Joel Greenberg’s investigation. Issued.

May, Greenberg Acknowledge sin He was charged with six serious offenses, including the sexual trafficking of children, and agreed to cooperate with the US government in investigating and prosecuting others.

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