Prosecutors are reportedly dissatisfied with the lack of cooperation from Trump’s CFO, Allen Weisserberg.

Donald Trump, Allen Weisserberg, Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump, Allen Weisserberg, Donald Trump Jr. Timothy A. Clary / AFP via Getty Images

Manhattan prosecutors are dissatisfied with Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg and not cooperating in the company’s investigation. Someone familiar with the matter said Washington post on Monday.

73-year-old Weisserberg is a top executive of the Trump organization, not a member of the Trump family. The prosecution is investigating whether it has paid taxes on benefits such as rented cars and apartments received from former President Donald Trump. Position Report. He felt pressured and cooperated with another Trump Organization investigation, hoping that the company would commit financial fraud by manipulating asset values ​​and receiving loans and tax incentives.

A former employee of The Trump Organization says Weisselberg plays an important role in the company and knows everything about its finances and taxes. He signs most checks and watches all costs carefully. “Just saying’he’s rich’actually underestimates his role,” said Tristan Snell, who is responsible for completing the Trump University investigation by the Attorney General of New York. Position.. “He was more than that. He was the whole Enchilada. Allen Weisserberg really ran the whole company.”

Weisserberg continued to work at Trump Tower and was inside the building when Trump was visiting.It is believed that he is still communicating with Trump on a regular basis Position By reporting and going to the office, he may be trying to show that he remains loyal and rejects the prosecutor. A grand jury convened by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is expected to decide whether to prosecute Trump.

So far, Weisselberg and Trump have not been accused of fraud, but if prosecutors can prove that the Trump organization misrepresented assets to banks, tax authorities, or insurance companies, this would be Wey It can be a legal disaster for Selberg. Position To tell. Attorney and former prosecutor Robert C. Gottlieb Position He is playing Russian roulette at the district attorney’s office if Weisselberg “thinks he will get a pass even if he is prosecuted. Instead of talking about thousands of dollars fraud, he is the CFO. A large-scale fraud involving millions of dollars over a long period of time. “

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