Prosecutors in eastern Idaho no longer challenge Lori Vallow Dabel’s ability to be tried

ST. Anthony ā€” Prosecutors in the Lori Valor Dabel case do not disagree with the findings of psychologists who believe Dabel is unsuitable for court proceedings.

In a document filed Friday, Rob Wood withdrew the contest for performance evaluation that put the proceedings against Dabel on hold, although Mr Wood initially said he disagreed with the discovery of a mental health expert. After further consideration, he no longer opposes expert diagnosis and proposed treatment plans.

Dabel and her husband Chad Dabel have been charged with multiple charges of murder, first-class murder, and other conspiracies to commit crimes. The charges are related to the deaths of 7-year-old Joshua ā€œJJā€ Vallow, 16-year-old Tyrie Ryan (two children of Lori), and Chad’s first wife Tammy Dabel.

Dabel’s lawyer, Mark Means, requested a psychological evaluation of the client in March. A licensed clinical psychologist met her for at least two days in Madison County Prison and was filed last month in court. According to the document, it was determined that “the defendant is not eligible to proceed.” Orthodontic treatment was recommended.

Magistrate Judge Stephen Voice has withheld the case, but Dabel must be legally declared ineligible for the trial.

In order for Dabel to be eligible for a trial, Idaho law requires that Dabel understand the proceedings against her and be able to cooperate in her own defense. If Voice decides she can’t, the hearing will be suspended for 90 days.

Dabel is likely to be admitted to a facility for treatment with the aim of enhancing her abilities. If so, the trial will resume as usual. Otherwise, the suspension will be extended for another 180 days and she will continue to receive treatment.

The June 16th hearing to determine Dabel’s competency status may be cancelled.

Chad Dabel will be prosecuted in the district court on Wednesday.

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