Prosecutors look for possible sex payments in Gates’ investigation

Washington (AP) —Federal prosecutor offers gifts in exchange for sex, whether Florida State Capitol Matt Gates and a political ally facing allegations of sex trafficking have paid a minor girl Two people familiar with the matter told the Associated Press as they were investigating what they did. Friday.

People said Gates’ scrutiny stemmed from the Justice Department’s investigation into its political ally, Joel Greenberg. Former Florida tax collector Greenberg was charged last year and charged with many federal crimes. He pleaded not guilty.

A Republican elected to Congress in 2016, Gates is an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump and a conservative media fixture. Republican parliamentary leaders are largely silent on the investigation, and the investigation is ongoing.

Some of the investigations are investigating whether Gates has sex with 17-year-old girls and other underage girls and violates federal sex trafficking laws, people familiar with the investigation said. I told AP. Federal agents suspect that Greenberg may have seduced the girls and introduced some of them to Gates, who investigated whether both men could have had sex with the same girls. People said.

Those with knowledge of the investigation could not discuss the details publicly and spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Details of the investigation were first reported by the New York Times.

Gates vehemently denied the claim, stating in a statement earlier this week that “no part of the claim to me is true.”

Gates investigations, which have been underway since at least the summer of 2020, have reached the highest level of the Department of Justice, and former Attorney General William Barr has been briefed on the issue several times, people said.

In the past few months, investigators have interviewed several witnesses to the case, people said, scrutinizing documents, including travel and financial records.

Greenberg was elected a tax collector in Seminole County near Orlando when he resigned last June after being arrested for federal crime. Initially, these included stalking political opponents, sexually trafficking minors, and creating fake driver’s licenses and other ID cards using state databases.

Since then, the proceedings against Greenberg have diverted at least $ 400,000 from wire fraud, from tax collectors’ offices to cryptocurrencies he manages, and for his own personal use, such as buying souvenirs. It has grown to more than 30 claims, including other claims, including efforts. Signed by NBA greats Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, federal prosecutors say. Other accusations have accused him of attempting to fraudulently obtain the Coronavirus Relief Fund using two companies he controlled.

Gates states that the allegations against him were part of a blackmail plan by a Florida lawyer who worked as a federal prosecutor decades ago, and Gates identified him as David Maggie.

In response, Maggie’s law firm said Gates’ allegations of the blackmail attempt were “false and defamatory.” The company said Maggie had the highest position in the Federal Attorney’s Office in Florida about 25 years ago, and his “reputation for integrity and ethical behavior was perfect.”

The Justice Department is conducting another investigation into allegations of blackmail drawn from the Federal Attorney’s Office in northern Florida. According to a person familiar with the investigation, he could not discuss the issue publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Gates states that his family is cooperating with the FBI and his father wore a recording device “to catch these criminals” at the direction of the FBI. He also requested the Justice Department to release the recording.

The Justice Department has not commented.


Miami Associated Press writer Kurt Anderson contributed to this report.

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