Prosecutors say there is a “very strong possibility” that a Michigan school shooter had a weapon when he met school officials hours before the attack.


After being shot in Oxford, Michigan on November 30, 2021, police roadblocks restricted access to Oxford High School.

After being shot in Oxford, Michigan on November 30, 2021, police roadblocks restricted access to Oxford High School.Photo by Mathew Hatcher / Getty Images

  • The suspected shooting at a school in Michigan may have had a gun when he met school officials that morning.

  • According to police, the meeting was summoned to address the “behavioral” of 15-year-old Ethan Cranby.

  • Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald told CNN that he was still considering prosecuting the suspect’s parents.

15-year-old suspect shooter Michigan High School Shooting As a result, four students were killed and several others were injured. You may have possessed a weapon during the action. Meeting with his parents and school officials Just hours before the rampage, the county prosecutor said.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said Anderson Cooper on CNN There was a “very strong possibility” that second-year student Ethan Cranby, who was charged with the crime, was carrying a semi-automatic pistol in his backpack during a face-to-face meeting with his parents and managers. About behavior. “

“Unfortunately he was allowed to return to class,” McDonald said. “We now know that he had a weapon with him at that time, and it’s just tragic.”

McDonald’s said Oxford High School students could only access their backpacks all day because they weren’t using lockers this semester for COVID-19.

CNN reported that two teachers flagged Crumbley’s actions and prompted the meeting.

Crumbley was charged with four first-class murders, one death-causing terrorism, seven attempted murders, and twelve felony firearms, meaning malice aforethought.

Justin Schilling (17), Tate Maia (16), Hana St. Juliana (14) and Madishin Baldwin (17) were killed in a shooting. Seven others, including the teacher, were injured.

Thursday night McDonald’s repeated her previous statement Her office is considering charging Crumble’s parents The same is true for the case. She said she would release the latest information on this issue on Friday.

“Ownership of a gun is a right, but that right comes with responsibility and obligation,” she told Cooper. “What I’m saying [gun owners] You have to take responsibility for what happens to the gun. It needs to be fixed safely. You need to keep it out of the hands of the person trying to do the harm. “

Tuesday officials said Crumbley Using a pistol that his dad bought on Black Friday, Identified as the 9mm Sig Sauer SP2022 pistol.

McDonald’s told reporters earlier this week that evidence suggests that the suspect had begun planning “long before” the shooting.

“I’m absolutely convinced after considering the evidence that it’s not even a close call,” she said. “It was absolutely planned.”

During her CNN appearance, McDonald’s also said there was unpublished evidence that “probably” proved that the shooting could have been blocked. She said the information would be released on Friday as well.

Neither the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office nor the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office immediately responded to insider requests for comment. Crumbley’s current attorney information is not available.

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