Prosecutors urged him to investigate Ghislaine Maxwell’s role in recruiting women “a few years before” she was charged.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been imprisoned in Brooklyn since he was arrested last July-Reuters

Ghislaine Maxwell has been imprisoned in Brooklyn since he was arrested last July-Reuters

Jeffrey Epstein’s victim lawyer has pressured New York prosecutors to investigate allegations that Ghislaine Maxwell played a role in recruiting young women years before being charged. Unsealed documents suggest.

A new file tranche of criminal proceedings against Ms. Maxwell was released on Friday after the judge ordered them to be published.

The document was released after a U.S. judge rejected Ms. Maxwell’s bid to dismiss the original indictment accusing British socialists of supporting the sexual abuse of Epstein’s girl.

Judge Alison Nathan of the U.S. District Court alleges that Ms. Maxwell was unable to receive a fair trial due to the beating of negative media propaganda, or was scapegoated due to Epstein’s death. Rejected.

“The court will not dismiss Maxwell’s naked allegations that many witnesses are plotting harmful plots against her,” Nathan wrote in a 34-page ruling. “And the court will take all appropriate steps to ensure that the pretrial propaganda in this case does not infringe Maxwell’s right to a fair and impartial jury.”

Nevertheless, Ms. Nathan agreed with Ms. Maxwell’s request to cut off two perjuries that would be tried separately.

Nathan’s decision covers the first Six of the eight criminals Ms. Maxwell faces, She pleaded not guilty.

In a file released Friday, Amanda Kramer, who worked as a child protection coordinator at the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, met with a lawyer representing Virginia Roberts Jufureh, who claims she was hired. There is a handwritten note taken inside. Abused by Ms. Maxwell and trafficked by Epstein and his associates.

Jufureh has been detained in a civil lawsuit against Ms. Maxwell for years and has accused British socialists of slandering her for lying about alleged abuse.

One graffiti memo created during the February 29, 2016 meeting says “Ghislaine Maxwell-Robert Maxwell’s Daughter-Recruiter”.

Another said Ms. Giffre’s lawyer, Stan Pottinger, told her she knew “a picture of a naked girl in Maxwell’s comp (computer).”

“Maxwell took regular sexually explicit pictures of her (Virginia). Maxwell handed the pictures to Epstein on her 16th birthday. It was stored on a computer. Published for the computer. Summoning letter (summoning letter). “

Ms. Kramer wrote another note about a recently issued police search warrant at her Palm Beach home in Epstein, Florida. It is reported that a “client” was found. The lawyer told Ms. Kramer that she believed that someone had turned Epstein upside down before the search. All computers are gone. “

The claim is not a discovery, but an unproven claim that is being disputed by Ms. Maxwell.

A lawyer working on Jufureh’s civil proceedings at the time told Kramer that he wanted to see Epstein and Maxwell prosecuted.

They sent an email to Mr. Kramer later that day, thanking him for meeting them and offering to help with other information she might need.

In a series of subsequent notes from February of this year on the meeting between Ms. Kramer and the Department of Justice and FBI personnel, Ms. Kramer will be asked about the 2016 meeting.

“AK’s understanding was not that the lawyer wanted SDNY to investigate or prosecute anyone other than Epstein. The investigation did not begin as a result of the February 29, 2016 meeting.” Stated.

Meanwhile, in 2018 the Miami Herald published an Epstein study, revealing the magnitude of abuse of young women across the country. It also revealed details of a so-called lover deal that took place more than a decade ago between South Florida financial firm lawyers and prosecutors over prostitution charges.

The memo, opened on Friday, records Ms. Kramer’s reaction to the paper report. “I remember telling them that AK was in a terrible mood after reading the Miami Herald series. To read the article and read about how the case was resolved in SDFL (South Florida). I was very anxious. “

At the time the Herald Report was published, Ms. Kramer was no longer working as a child safety coordinator.

Ms. Maxwell was indicted in July 2020 for sexual trafficking of minors and conspiracy to traffick sexual trafficking. She pleaded not guilty.