Prosecutors want more than “slap the wrist” of prairie village scammer Joel Tucker

Federal prosecutors demanded prairie village scammer Joel Tucker to imprison for more than 11 years for selling disinformation to debt collectors and not paying millions of dollars in taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. I am.

Tucker, a brother of Scott Tucker, a former professional race car driver and convicted of a payday charter, will be sentenced on June 17. Plead guilty To Multiple interstate transport Money theft, bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion.

The prosecution has asked federal judges to imprison Tucker for 135 months and have the IRS pay more than $ 8 million in unpaid taxes.

“Tucker has been ignoring the law for years and has been procrastinating to give legitimate punishment,” said a government memo. “He scammed and lied, and his fellow Americans Anyone who sees him not even pretending to care should be aware that his actions are not rewarded by hitting his wrist. “

Tucker’s lawyer, in a court filing filed Monday, argued that Tucker should be sentenced to up to nine years in prison.

A 2018 grand jury charged Mr. Tucker with evidence that he had sold a spreadsheet suspected of unpaid debt from consumers to a debt collector. However, these spreadsheets were fake. The consumer did not actually bear the debt stated in the documents that Tucker sold to the collector.

Debt collectors buy unpaid invoices from companies for one penny per dollar, hoping that they will be more successful in getting consumers to pay than the companies that incurred the debt. Hard-working debt buyers require a set of titles and other evidence that their debt is valid before making a purchase, but many do not.

The prosecution said consumers were able to answer phone calls and mail from debt collectors as a result of Tucker’s fraudulent sales. Some of those consumers paid first the debt they didn’t actually borrow.

Mr. Tucker’s plans came to light in 2016 when bankruptcy judges across the country began to notice thousands of consumer bankruptcy cases.

A Texas Judge Launches Investigation, We have determined that the source of these suspicious claims is Tucker.

Tucker was taken to Texas to explain himself in court. The prosecution said Tucker repeatedly lied during his oath testimony. The judge ordered Tucker to collect documents related to the debt file, but later that Tucker did not provide the information asked to him or create fictitious data to be provided to the court. Noticed.

A Texas judge referred the matter to the Justice Department.

Tom KirkendalA Houston lawyer said Tucker’s plans were unusual on behalf of one of the creditors stuck in one of Tucker’s fake portfolios.

“I’ve been practicing for over 40 years and I’ve seen a lot. I’ve been so involved in the Enron case that I’ve seen a lot,” Kirkendal said. “But Tucker was very brave. He was definitely at the edge of the envelope. I don’t know what drove him.”

Tucker even asked his brother’s payday loan company to create a fake debt portfolio. One of Scott Tucker’s payday loan brand names was 500FastCash. The company received more than 1,000 complaints from people harassed by a third-party debt collector requesting the repayment of unpaid invoices.

Joel Tucker paid a total of $ 7.3 million for worthless treatises.

In the sentencing memo, the prosecution acted as if Tucker was a series of liars, using his fraudulent interests to fund a luxurious life and not facing the consequences of his actions.

They are almost willing to repay their invoices, including Tucker’s $ 8 million unpaid tax on the IRS and no $ 1 tax on his income since 2014. I pointed out that it is not.

Tucker told the IRS agent that he had no money to pay the government, but investigators said he would lease a luxury car, charter a private jet, pay a six-digit credit card fee, stay in a luxury hotel, etc. I learned that I am doing a luxury shopping. In expensive areas like Vail, Colorado.

“The United States has been trying to raise money from Tuckers for over a decade, but Tuckers have avoided paying every time,” said a government memo. “He lied many times and was a paper company and a bank. I used my account to hide my money, my friends to hide my money, and I didn’t pay anything while making millions of dollars in fraud. “

The Federal Trade Commission, a consumer watchdog, has sued Tucker for selling his debt portfolio. As a result, he was fined $ 4 million in 2017.

More recently, Tucker received a $ 20,833 loan from the government’s Paycheck Protection Program. The program was created to allow businesses to pay rent and hire employees during the coronavirus pandemic last year while the economy was devastated by health emergencies. I did.

One of the questions applicants need to answer is whether they are being prosecuted when seeking a loan. Tucker was indicted when he applied for a loan. According to the prosecution’s memo, Mr. Tucker replied that he was not himself and received the proceeds.

Tucker’s lawyer, JR Hobbes, said in a memo that the judge should consider the 87-108 month decision, arguing that Tucker was solely responsible for his actions. According to Hobs’ notes, Tucker is caring for a mother with health problems and is feeding her two children.

“Mr. Tucker understands and regrets how his injustice affected his family, friends and a larger community,” Hobbs notes said, adding that Tucker used alcohol and drugs. Requested to enter a prison treatment program for experienced prisoners.

Hobs did not respond to a request for comment on Tucker’s sentencing.

Tucker said in an email reply to the Star newspaper that the court documents on Tuesday reflected the June 17 decision hearing, but the decision date was delayed.

“We are still working on our role and we still have a lot to do,” Tucker said.

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