Protecting Canada’s Freedom of Religion, Association and Religion: Conservatives


Conservative Rep. Garnet Genuis said Canada was under attack by demographics who were inclined to silence their disagreements, resisting pressure and chartering before it was too late. Call on Congress to defend the freedom of speech, association and religion of countries protected by.

“I have been working extensively on international human rights issues, but today I see many stories from Canada suggesting that we are a country in need of intervention.” Genuis said At the House of Commons on Tuesday.

He quoted the recent case of Timothy Que, a 16-year-old student who was barred from forming a club at Eric Hamber Secondary School in Vancouver trying to share the teachings of the Catholic Church.

“Timothy sought to start a Catholic club, a voluntary association of students who gathered to discuss Catholic ideas,” he said. “But the manager forbade him to share Catholic teachings in the club, even with students who chose to attend the meeting.”

“This is a shameful violation of freedom of association, but a small drop of growing sea,” he added.

The restrictions imposed by the school in December occurred shortly after the online publication BC Catholic reported on Que’s initiative. November 15th..

Que said he learned that the public had contacted the Vancouver School Board (VSB) to complain about the club.

“People were really angry,” Que said in an interview, BC Catholics reported: December 2.. “Someone on Twitter posted about it — it’s negative.”

Posted by former VSB Chair Patti Bacchus on November 17th. Tweet In response to an article on November 15, “I am confident that this does not comply with BC school law or district policy.”

Section 76 The provisions of the BC School Law state that “schools must be practiced on strictly secular and non-denominational principles” and “schools must not teach religious doctrines or beliefs.”

In a speech at Congress on Tuesday, Genius emphasized how the COVID-19 restrictions apply differently between religious services and other organizations.

“Religious services face pandemic-related restrictions that do not apply to casinos,” he said.

One example is Toronto Resumption Guide, It states that the casino has “no limit on capacity”, but patrons are required to provide proof of vaccination.

On the other hand, religious services where social gatherings are held are “limited to 25 people indoors and 100 people outdoors, subject to some exceptions (meeting / event space, etc.)”.

Genuis added that the federal government also “promised to test another ideological value imposed on charity.”

During the campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Platform pledge Rejecting charities to anti-abortion groups such as the Crisis Pregnancy Center, which provides “dishonest counseling to women about women’s rights and options available at all stages of pregnancy.”

Genuis states that charities that do not support abortion may be at risk of losing charity status under the proposed policy.

“Many good organizations and charities will not survive without this status, which could mean that local homeless shelters, churches, or health centers face serious financial difficulties. There is, “he wrote in the petition posted. His website..

Conservative MPs also raised the issue of churches being destroyed or burned down in Canada during the summer.

“Dozens of churches were destroyed or destroyed this summer, with few comments from political leaders. I know Canada wouldn’t be silent if these events happened in other countries. “He said.

“We hope that more parliamentarians will curb the opinions of the minority and instead resist populist pressure to defend the freedom of speech, association and religion protected by our Charter. “

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.