Protesters blame Trudeau’s accusations against Tracker’s convoy

After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau protested in Ottawa against demonstrations against COVID-19’s obligations, suggesting that they were racist or hateful, some protesters were very offended by them. Say you feel you are.

Bar Tijuana, an Indo-Canadian who works for real estate in Calgary, said he drove straight for 37 hours with his wife and young son to participate in the protest.

“I was really, really tired,” Tijuana told the Epoch Times about the characteristics of Trudeau’s protest.

“I went back to the hotel and made a whole new sign to show that this wasn’t white supremacism,” he said, “do I look like a white supremacist to you?” He said with a ridiculous sign. And another reading, “Freedom is not a minority opinion!”

Alberta’s business owner, Dallas Remy, said the Prime Minister’s words and the words of certain media outlets were “extremely disappointing.”

“This is a Canadian movement,” he said. “It’s not an anti-vax movement.”

Reamey described the tremendous support seen by the protesters during their five-day trip from Calgary.

“This is the most beautiful thing we have ever attended,” he said.

Remy was accompanied by Jailen Kocinski, who wasn’t the “fringe minority” that Trudeau said, but was afraid of where the pandemic restrictions would go if people didn’t support their rights and freedoms. He said he was.

“We all need to stand together until we regain our freedom,” she said. “It was a moving journey.”

At a virtual press conference on January 31, Trudeau said, “Canadians are frankly disgusted by the actions taken by some people protesting in our country’s capital. “.

Trudeau characterizes protesters as showing “symbols of the Nazis” and “racist images,” blaspheming war monuments and engaging in unruly and destructive actions. I blamed him.

Most of the protesters found on Parliamentary Hill carried Canadians. Nazi flags and signs were not visible in the ongoing protests. However, some images on social media have Nazis and other nasty symbols on their flags. Other videos on social media have shown that opponents are telling people with unpleasant signs to leave.

Trudeau previously stated that protesters have “unacceptable views” and are “fringe minorities” in favor of conspiracy theories.

Protest coordinator Bethan Nodwell refused to call Trudeau’s opposition to vaccination obligations “conspiracy theorists.”

As far as conspiracy theories are concerned, Mr. Nodwell said they turned into “the truth of the conspiracy.”

“Conspiracy theorists inevitably saw passports and the Social Credit system, seeing orders coming, seeing people would lose their jobs, and here we land on the truth of those plots. I’m doing it, “said Nodwell.

Trudeau repeatedly emphasized that almost 90 percent of truck drivers are vaccinated.

90% doubt the number, says Nodwell, “most of these people are vaccinated because they didn’t want to lose their jobs.”

Do not retreat

In his remarks, Trudeau said he would never meet protesters, saying, “Hateful rhetoric, violence against fellow citizens, and protests expressing contempt not only for science but also for front-line health care workers. I wouldn’t go near. ” .. “

“Nothing is true what the Prime Minister said yesterday,” said Romanian truck driver Sorin Karejiang. “That’s not true, look around.”

Tijuana said he had been in Ottawa for days in protest and had no hatred, anger or racism.

Trudeau said he had participated in the protest in the past when he agreed with the purpose.

Epoch Times Photo
The demonstrators will participate in a convoy protest against COVID-19 orders and restrictions in Ottawa on January 31, 2022. (Jonathan Ren / The Epoch Times)

“Black Lives Matter is a good example,” he added.

Black Lives Matter was founded on the basis of Marxism, and some of its followers committed violence, vandalism, and riots during George Floyd’s demonstrations.

The convoy’s protests gathered in Ottawa on January 29 were strongly demonstrated over the weekend, with participants raising flags, trucks honking, and demanding the end of COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. By January 31, some truck drivers had left and the number of protesters had dropped significantly, but the remaining people roamed the Capitol, danced to music, and listened to rally speeches.

At various times in the last four days, The Epoch Times asked police about the incident, but was consistently told that nothing had happened to them.

“They are trying to lie, they are trying to crush the movement because they don’t know how to control it,” Tijuana said of the government’s response.

“They are trying to get the Canadians to turn themselves on.”

Truck drivers and supporters of “Freedom Convoy” continued the demonstration on February 1, the fourth day. Some said they would continue at least until the weekend.

However, many say they will stay until all vaccination obligations are lifted.

“To him [Trudeau] We’ll do the right thing, we’re here, “Reimi said.

Limin Zhou contributed to this report.

Rahul Vaidyanath


Rahul Vaidyanath is a journalist in The Epoch Times of Ottawa. His areas of expertise include economics, financial markets, China, national defense and security. He has worked at the Bank of Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., and investment banks in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.