Protesters block Britain’s busiest highway three times a week


Protesters calling for government action on housing insulation have blocked Britain’s busiest highways for the third time this week.

At least three M25 junctions were targeted on Friday morning. Sally police said police had arrested 14 people at Junction 9.

Campaign group Insulate Britain claimed that after a similar protest earlier this week, 79 people attempted to block London’s orbital highway hours after being released from police detention.

British insulation said it called on the British government to “reliable action” to “insulate all homes in the country” to reduce carbon emissions.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps called their actions “dangerous and counterproductive.”

“We all agree that we need to tackle climate change, but this kind of action does nothing, endangers drivers and increases pollution. Police clean up the roads. I look forward to taking immediate action, “he said on Twitter.

British insulation members blocked five M25 junctions on Monday, with tens of thousands of drivers involved in huge traffic jams and dozens of arrests.

The same group stopped traffic on the M25 again during the rush hour on Wednesday morning. A video posted on social media showed an angry driver demonstrating to activists.

Interior Minister Priti Patel said the group’s “guerrilla tactics” were “totally unacceptable” and “defeated their purpose.”

“Peaceful protests are the cornerstone of our democracy, and there is always space for legitimate groups to hear their voices,” Patel said Thursday night.

“But the government will not support or allow a small number of selfish protesters to cause serious disruption to the lives and livelihoods of the hard-working majority,” she said.

Secretary-General Kwasi Kwaten also said the protests were counterproductive.

“These actions not only cause great disruption to those who go to work and transport important goods, but also endanger their lives on busy highways. Not to mention the resulting traffic delays in vehicles. It just increases emissions, “he said Thursday.

The Metropolitan Police said Thursday that it had arrested three people on suspicion of organizing protests.

Jerry Westerman, chief police officer for Sally Police, has sued witnesses who may have footage of a dashcam.

“We thank these protests for causing considerable inconvenience and frustration for those involved in traffic delays. We continue to collect evidence and ensure that those who violate the law are brought to justice. “I will.”

“We continue to urge those who witness the incident, or those who have dashcam footage, to come forward as they may help us proceed with the investigation.”

PA contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan