Protesters gather in front of the Australian Parliament in solidarity with a truck convoy to Ottawa

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the Australian Parliament in solidarity with a large convoy to Ottawa that gathered in the Canadian capital around the weekend of January 29.

Calls for a similar movement have continued for days, with crowds organized under the “Convoy to Canberra” campaign gathering in front of parliament on January 31st. Videos distributed on social media..

The crowd said, “What do you want? Freedom! When do you want it? Now!”

One individual told the crowd that he had all the right to be here in peace.

“They told us that the representative of this parliament came out and passed the message that we demanded that the Australian people and our demands be addressed,” he said. Videos distributed online..

Canadian virus outbreak protest
On January 29, 2022, protesters will gather near the Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa to participate in a cross-country truck convoy protesting the measures taken by the authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19. (AdrianWyld / The Canadian Press via AP)

Social media is full of footage of drivers heading to the Australian capital.Grassroots movements began to gain momentum at 4 days of age GoFundMe Campaign As of January 31, we have already collected donations of AU $ 167,539.

According to ABC, the funds have been frozen by the website until the organizers provide details on how to diversify the funds.

A similar problem arose in Canada’s protests when GoFundMe frozen access to C $ 4.5 million in funding. After that, these funds were released.

US truck drivers are currently planning their own version of the protest from California to Washington, DC

The movement, mobilizing thousands to tens of thousands of truck drivers, responds to ongoing vaccine mandates and strict government-mandated restrictions.

In Australia, delegations are widely enforced nationwide, primarily with bipartisan political and corporate and medical support. But it’s still controversial.

On January 22, government-mandated regulations triggered protests across Australia’s major capitals.

Vaccine developer Nikolai Petrovsky criticized the mixed government’s message about the benefits of jabs, saying that it only protects individuals and does not stop the transmission of the virus, that is, it undermines the reason for its obligations.

“Every individual needs to make decisions about their health. It’s totally inappropriate to show or suggest that an unvaccinated person is completely different from others,” said Spikogen’s chief. The researcher told The Epoch Times.

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