Protesters try to force their way to the headquarters of British drug regulators


The group, described as an anti-vaccine protester, attempted to force a break into the London headquarters of the UK drug regulator that approves the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Metropolitan Police said the protesters later became violent against police officers.

In various footage posted on social media on September 3, dozens of police repel a crowd of demonstrators trying to pass through a building door in Cabot Square, Canary Wharf.

The building is the headquarters of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

A few picture Messages on social media suggest that the group was protesting child vaccination. A local lawmaker at the scene described them as “anti-covid rules against vaccination.”

The protest arose shortly before another public agency’s long-awaited recommendation on whether healthy children aged 12 to 15 should be vaccinated.

“Police officers are attending a demonstration outside a commercial building in Canary Wharf’s Cabot Square,” said the Metropolitan Police Department. twitter, Around 2 pm “There are some police officers on the scene guarding the entrance to the building.”

About an hour later, the group moved to another location. There, Met told police officers that many had become violent.

“Four officers were injured during the clash,” the Metropolitan Police said in a recent update around 3:30 pm. “This is unacceptable. We will stay in the field. Follow updates.”

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A group of protesters attempt to pass police and enter MHRA’s headquarters in central London on September 3, 2021. (Andrew Wood / Twitter / PA

Police said they had been arrested for “a demonstration by another group at Canary Wharf along Bank Street.”But those who were arrested Affiliation In protest by Extinction Rebellion.

Andrew Wood, a Canary Wharf councilor who is on the scene and taking pictures shared on Twitter, said a leaflet about vaccination of children was being distributed in protests at MHRA headquarters.

“There is a Covid rule against vaccination, not the XR rebellion (which I was here for another non-destructive protest this morning) to make a clear protest this afternoon,” he wrote. twitter..

The incident happened in the same way that another public agency established to make recommendations on COVID-19 vaccination stated that the government should not vaccinate healthy 12-15 years old. I did.

Last week, a group of demonstrators occupied the entrance to London’s ITV News and Channel 4 News headquarters, claiming that the media was misleading people about vaccines and pandemics.

Police were summoned to the ITN (Independent Television News) production studio in central London on August 23. I met the policeAfter the group “illegally accessed the building”.

Several times in the past few months, the group has moved away from broader, larger-scale protests against pandemic measures to protest outside media facilities. Last month, a group of protesters also searched for the broadcast building where BBC News was once headquartered and is now being used to host other broadcasts.

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