Protesters urge Canada to take action against the “communist and terrorist” regime


A group of protesters, including members of the Canadian Iranian and Cuban communities, gathered outside the constituent offices of Montreal’s liberal leader Justin Trudeau on September 11 to join Canadians to condemn communism and terrorism. I called on him to do it.

“We are against the Chinese Communist Party, the Fidel Castro administration, and the Communist and terrorist regimes like the Islamic regime that occupies my beautiful hometown of Iran,” said an Iranian refugee who came to Canada in 2011. Said event organizer Salman Shima. During the rally.

The event, with protesters stating “No more communism” and “The dictatorship is killing Cubans,” gave Canadians to terrorists and communist regimes around the world. Called for unity. The date of the rally was chosen to match the 9/11 attack on the United States by the extremist Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda.

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Salman Sima, an Iranian activist and organizer of the “United Against Communityism & Terrorism” rally in Montreal on September 11, 2021. (NTD TV)

Shima imprisoned by Iranian authorities November 2009 He said free nations like Canada must take action against the monopoly regime to organize the disputed post-election protests in June 2009, or boldly them. Take the risk of doing it.

“We saw how the Islamic regime works. We saw how the communist regime works in our country. We saw that movie in our beautiful hometown, I don’t want to see that horror movie, I don’t want to see it again in Canada, “Sima told NTD Television, a sister media of the era.

The organizers also called on the Government of Canada to impose Magnitsky sanctions on human rights abusers.

Cuban rights activist Eugenio Landiro Reyes, who attended the rally, said he was there in solidarity with other dictatorship protesters because “we need to erase those systems from Earth.” ..

“We need to erase those systems from Earth because they are useless. [helping] Get your nations on the right track — to develop, enjoy and live your life in peace. “

Epoch Times Photo
Communist-controlled Cuban human rights activist Eugenio Landiro Reyes speaks with a Montreal reporter on September 11, 2021 (NTD TV)

Randiro Reyes also called for the end of communist rule in Cuba and for the Canadians and the Government of Canada to support Cubans seeking freedom.

In July, thousands of Cubans traveled to the streets of many cities, including the capital Havana, to protest the human rights violations, lack of freedom and deteriorating economic conditions of the communist-dominated nation led by Miguel Diascanel.

The demonstration took place in reports of gas, electricity and vaccine shortages across the Caribbean island nation. A video uploaded to social media showed demonstrators shouting “dictatorship,” “freedom,” and “home and life.”

In response to the demonstration, Diaz Cannell ordered security forces to disband the demonstrator.

Canada must do more to fight terrorism, a corrupt regime: activists

Rally activists urged the Government of Canada to take concrete steps to address threats from terrorist groups and dictatorships.

Shima Called Designate the government to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Canadian terrorist organization. The IRGC shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 in January 2020, killing 176 people, including 57 Canadians.

Avideh Rafaëla Motmâenfar, Chairman of the Iranian Canadian Council, I was demanded to He called for justice against the victims of Flight PS752, sanctions on officials within the Iraninan administration, and the immediate listing of the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

Shima commented on Trudeau’s praise for China’s “basic dictatorship” and controversial handshake with Iran’s Foreign Minister Justin Trudeau, despite Iran’s refusal to cooperate in the investigation. Citing, the down of Flight PS752, which criticized Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau for taking a calm position against communism and dictatorship.

Mr Shima also said the government had to do more to Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who have been arbitrarily detained in China since December 2018.

“You need to hold the responsibility of holding Canadians hostage to the Chinese administration … you need to support Cubans, you need to support Iranians, and you support Canadians. You have to do it, “he said.

Report by Jack Phillips and Andrew Chen

Isaac Theo

Isaac is a Toronto-based reporter.