Protests are protected by the Charter, Legal Group Supporting Trackers Tells Police

As police step up efforts to thwart Freedom Convoy demonstrations in Ottawa, a legal group representing truck drivers is calling on authorities to respect their charter right to peacefully protest.

Recently, police seized fuel and arrested individuals in connection with the transportation of fuel to supply the convoy.

“Canada is winter. In order to publicly protest below freezing, truck drivers need to have fuel to keep them warm. Fuel confiscation threatens the personal safety of peaceful protesters. “Masu,” said Jay Cameron, a lawyer who is the litigation director of the Center for Constitutional Freedom (JCCF). statement Published February 8th.

To end the ongoing demonstration, Ottawa Police Services (OPS) initially lobbied the crowdsourcing platform GoFundMe and sought to fund truck drivers by canceling the Freedom Convoy fundraiser. Recently, OPS has moved to disrupt the fuel supply of truck drivers.

On February 6, OPS said on Twitter: Enforcement is in progress. “

OPS Said On February 8, 23 people were arrested for various criminal charges related to the transportation of gas and charged with “mischief.”

Section 430 The criminal code defines “mischief” as deliberately destroying or damaging property. Make property dangerous, useless, non-functional, or ineffective. Interfering with the legal use and enjoyment or operation of property.

“Stealing Canadians in downtown Ottawa is an illegal seizure in the absence of crime,” said JCCF lawyer Nicholas Ones Butter.

“In my view, truck drivers are doing nothing illegal by peacefully protesting the 23-month-old politicians who are limiting the freedom of the charter. Citizens are food, water, We have the right to bring fuel and other winter necessities to other Canadians, including truck drivers. “

Epoch Times Photo
On February 2, 2022, a man speaks to police officers while a demonstration in Ottawa opposes COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. (Jonathan Ren / The Epoch Times)

Authorities have not suggested a possible negotiated solution to the deadlock, saying truck drivers are determined to stay until COVID-19’s obligations are lifted.

On February 6, dozens of heavily armed police attacked a trucking base on Coventry Road and confiscated fuel for at least one tanker.

Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson declaration The February 6 emergency, citing “Serious dangers and threats to the safety and security of residents posed by ongoing demonstrations”.he Said The CBC State of Emergency “provides staff and the city with some additional tools to speed up procurement and more.”

The JCCF said the protest did not meet the definition of emergency set forth under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

“It is a serious problem to say that peaceful protests in downtown Ottawa are most dangerous, or at real risk of serious harm. Urgent power is that democratic citizens of the government It is not intended to prevent over-complaining, but requires that we believe it is unconstitutional, “Wansbutter said.

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.

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  1. The Ottowa police are way out of line and are also missing the point. The point is that the protesters, We the People, are through with the CCP pediphile criminal politicians and we are the true power in the world and in the galaxy. The trucker revolutions are showing that to the world, to the People and to the criminals. The criminals are going to be brought to justice and better run for the hills now, if they know what’s good for them. International tribunals already started last Saturday. We are paying attention and we are outraged. We are everywhere and everything. It is clear who is winning this war between good and evil and it will only get more clear with time.

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