Protrump County clerk has been accused of helping one of QAnon’s leaders leak confidential election data: Report

Tina Peters (left) and Ron Watkins (right).

Tina Peters, the secretary of Mesa County, has been accused of allowing Ron Watkins to leak information. Mesa County, OAN / Youtube

  • The Colorado Secretary of State said the county secretary had been accused of “helping” the security breach.

  • Vice reported that sensitive election data collected during the breach was leaked to Ron Watkins.

  • Watkins, believed by some to be a “Q”, shared information from the leak on his Telegram channel.

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Colorado pro-Trump election officials have been accused of supporting voting machine breaches and allowing someone to divulge sensitive data to celebrities. QAnon According to influencers, Deputy.

County Secretary of Mesa, Colorado, the so-called Tina Peters “Trump Truther” It is said that surveillance cameras were allowed to be turned off for up to two months. Meanwhile, she allowed someone to steal the information. Ron Watkins, representative of QAnon, Media outlets reported.

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At some point in May, Peters’ office ordered authorities to turn off surveillance cameras that monitor the voting system in Mesa County, according to evidence from Colorado Democratic Secretary Jenna Griswold. ..

The camera didn’t turn on again until this month, Vice reported, breaking the “management process” of the equipment, which means the machine couldn’t be used in the November city, town, and school district elections.

“This is what allows Colorado as a whole to put someone in a credible position that is literally trusted to protect democracy and allow this kind of situation to occur,” Griswold said in a press conference Thursday. It’s awkward. ” “For very clarity, Mesa County Secretary and Recorder allowed a security breach and assisted it with all evidence at this point.”

On May 23, a stranger accessed one of the machines in the election management system. Dominion voting system Sub-report used by Mesa County. The person was then able to download an image of the machine’s hard drive. This process was repeated on May 26, and cybersecurity experts told Vice.

According to media reports, on May 25, Dominion employees visited the country to carry out a highly regulated “trustworthy build” upgrade to their voting machine software.

State law allows only Griswold offices, Mesa County, and Dominion staff to enter the room during a “trustworthy build.”

However, Peters invited an unauthorized non-employee to the room during the process. Associated Press report. She misunderstood Griswold about his employment situation, CBS Denver Said.

He allegedly illegally captured footage of the machine being updated while an unauthorized man was there.

On August 2nd, this video was posted on Watkin’s Telegram channel.Former 8chan owners and managers are enthusiastic about the QAnon conspiracy theory, with some people He and his father can be the infamous “Q”.

According to the Griswold team, the footage contained an image that incorrectly linked the leak to Mesa County.

Griswold last week ordered staff to travel to Mesa County to inspect the electoral system, but when they arrived, Peters wasn’t found anywhere.

Peters was on her way MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell “Cyber ​​Symposium” In South Dakota, there was a side report.

While talking at the event Colorado news line Peters reportedly accused Griswold’s office of “attacking” the county’s office.

At a South Dakota symposium, Vice said Watkins showed images of an audience that appeared to have been taken from a machine in Mesa County on May 23 and 26.

The Colorado Newsline reported that Griswold’s office is investigating a security breach. According to a local newspaper, investigators in the office of Dan Rubinstein, the 21st District Attorney, are also investigating potential criminal activity related.

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