Protrump lawyer L. Lin Wood shared a screenshot on Telegram, stating that Tucker Carlson and Hunter Biden proved to be a “buddy.”


Fox hosts Tucker Carlson (L), Lin Wood (M), Hunter Biden (R)

Protrump lawyer L. Lin Wood (center) dropped information on the bomb on Thursday, saying that Tucker Carlson (left) and Hunter Biden (right) are behind the scenes in a “buddy buddy” relationship. Released a screenshot he claims.Janos Kummer / Getty Images; Ben Margot / Associated Press Photo; Distributor via Getty Images / DNCC

  • Wood posted a screenshot that seems to show the friendship between Tucker Carlson and Hunter Biden.

  • In another telegram message, Wood claimed that Carlson and Biden had a “buddy-buddy” relationship.

  • Screenshots have not been individually validated by Carlson or Biden.

Trump Alliance lawyer L. Lin Wood claims that Fox hosts Tucker Carlson and Hunter Biden are in a “buddy-to-buddy” relationship, and what he claims is a conversation between the two as evidence. I posted.

It’s unclear who first posted the email exchange between Biden and Carlson, but Wood uploaded unedited and unconfirmed screenshots to him. telegram Thursday night channel. Details of the series of emails between Biden and Carlson from November 2014 are displayed.

Neither Carlson nor Biden have confirmed the authenticity of the message.

In Currency exchange, Carlson seems to be grateful to Biden for sending his son Buckley a letter of recommendation to Georgetown University, where Biden attended.

“Hunter! Thank you for writing the letter to Georgetown on behalf of Buckley. Thank you. I hope it helps,” said the screenshot, which appears to have come from Carlson’s personal Gmail. Please read the message. Account on November 12, 2014.

“I hope you’re great, and we can all have dinner right away. Tucker,” continued the email.

A screenshot of Wood’s email chain also shows what looks like a reply from Biden a day later.

Carlson seems to answer the message as follows. “Of course. I’m going to fly right now, but I’ll send it to Susie right away. Thank you. I’m really happy to do this.”

Buckley Carlson Did not go to Georgetown University, But instead studied government and political science at the University of Virginia and graduated in 2019.

But Carlson’s behind-the-scenes friendliness with Biden doesn’t seem to stick to what he said about Biden.Carlson made it in April of this year Unfounded claim that Biden is watching child pornography.. Carlson also in the 2020 presidential election He called the president’s son a “corrupted man” and launched an attack on Biden.

It is unknown where Wood received such a screenshot, and he did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment. We also asked representatives of Carlsson and Biden for comment.

In Wood’s Telegram message chain, he seemed to attribute the screenshot release to his previous threat for him to sue Carlson. This week it was accused of being part of a major deep state operation..

“Oh, and when I sue Tucker Carlson and Fox and take the Old Tucker Boy oath testimony in a cross-examination, I ask him everything about his long-standing” buddy buddy “relationship with Hunter Biden. Would !!! ”Wood wrote on Telegram Thursday.

“I wonder if Tucker is a” ghost “show of his testimony record-taking like other false accusators in the last few months. Some people hate facing the truth. Especially under the punishment for perjury, “Wood wrote. “Watch it happen. I will keep posting you !!!”

Wood has been increasingly involved in wars with other far-right figures over the past few weeks. Last month, 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, acquitted of a first-class murder in a Kenosha shooting, sat down in an interview with Carlsson and blew up Wood. Lawyer claims he was deliberately in jail for several months..

Wood again this week Hit with “Stop the Steal” He blames the deep-state campaign for the cause of Trump’s support, known for pushing the former president’s allegations of unfounded fraudulent elections.Apart from this, Wood Feud With Georgia Parliamentarian Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tell insiders In October, he and Green ceased to “cooperate” in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results.

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