Proud Boys leaders argue that other accused parliamentary riots have been beaten and threatened by security guards and should not be sent back to prison.


On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, file photo Ethan Nordian, carrying a rear baseball cap and loudspeaker, marched ahead of the riots at the US Capitol, leading members of the far-right group Proud Boys. Associated Press Photo / Carolyn Kaster, File

  • Parliamentary mobs allegedly on bail do not want to return to prison, court documents indicate.

  • His lawyer alleged that other defendants charged with the Capitol riots were abused by security guards.

  • Proud Boys leader Nordian was released from prison in March.

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Lawyer Self-proclaimed “guardian” One of the far-right Proud Boys asked a federal judge not to put his clients in jail. This is because other accused parliamentary rioters alleged abuse and abuse behind the bar.

The court filed on April 8 was the first to report Law and crime, 30-year-old Ethan Nordian lawyer recently quoted Politico Articles Describes the violence allegedly experienced by guards by siege defendants in other parliament buildings.

According to the article, one defendant told the judge and another was “severely beaten by a prison officer.” [is now] Defendants added that many other accused Capitol rioters experienced violence, intimidation and verbal harassment from security guards. There is also an episode in which the guard said, “I hate it.” All whites and your horny religion. “

According to court documents, the judge released Nordean (also known as Rufio Panman) on bail in March. He has been charged with numerous crimes related to the January 6 riots, including conspiracy, obstruction of law enforcement during civil turmoil, destruction of government property, and chaotic acts. Nordean has pleaded not guilty to the indictment and is awaiting trial.

A Nordian lawyer also said in a filing that he had personally learned about another parliamentary riot defendant who was ignored, humiliated and threatened by security guards at the DC facility.

According to the document, the unidentified defendant prevented the guards from flashing lights in his eyes at night to prevent him from sleeping, and he was placed in a cell with a broken toilet and wiped the baby instead of a shower. Was given.

“Guards will take pictures of the defendant on their phone without his consent, they seemed to share with other parties through their phone,” a Nordic lawyer wrote.

The prosecutor attempted to put Nordian behind the bar while waiting for his trial, and Earlier, he claimed to be a flight risk.

Members of the Proud Boys organization, according to court documents Plan to violate the Capitol a few months ago.. As the insider previously reported, Nordian was “the ultimate leadership in the activities of Proud Boys on January 6, 2021.”

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