‘Prove Mike Wrong’ contest winner sue Mike Lindell for $5 million after proving him wrong


Mike Lindell MyPillow CEO

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.AP Photo/Manuel Barce Seneta

  • Mike Lindell owes Robert Seidman $5 million over a contest to prove the 2020 election was rigged.

  • Mr. Seidman is asking the court to enforce the arbitration panel’s decision awarding him $5 million.

  • Lindell told an insider that the computer scientist Seidmann “isn’t even a cyber expert.”

In August 2021, far-right conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell held a “Prove Mike Wrong” contest.

Lindell is someone who can examine the “cyber data and packet captures of the November 2020 election” that he collected, which show that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, and prove that it was rigged. said he would give $5 million to Not valid data for November elections. “

Contestant computer scientist Robert Seidman did just that.

Lindell refused to pay him. He is now suing Lindell in court to recover $5 million.

“Mr. Zeidman has done everything from the ground up,” Mr. Zeidman’s attorney Kaley Joshi told Insider on Friday. “He is a methodical person.”

According to the decision of the Arbitration Board in AprilSeidman successfully demonstrated that the data contained general information about polling stations, was completely irrelevant to elections, or was simply gibberish.

Lindell’s contest judges refused to declare Lindell the winner. In an interview with Insider on Friday, MyPillow’s CEO claimed Zeidmann was part of a “massive cover-up against the larger picture” and should never have been allowed into the contest in the first place. 2020 The presidential election was not stolen or rigged.

“Seidmann isn’t even a cyber expert. He didn’t even have the qualifications to enter the contest,” Lindell said. “This is all a hoax. I’m going to court.”

Because Lindell refused to award money to Seidmann, he brought Pillow King to binding arbitration as per the rules of the contest. The committee agreed that Seidmann had won the contest fair and square through data analysis and ordered Lindell to pay.

Lindell refused, told an insider in April The arbitration panel said it made a “horrible decision”.Lindell requested the state court to reverse the arbitration board’s decisionsaid the commission had “beyond its mandate.”

Mike Lindell My Pillow

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell at a rally for former President Donald Trump.Stephen Mathulen/Getty Images

MyPillow’s chief executive told an insider on Friday that the arbitration decision was a “big hoax” and a “big rig” and that lawyers were “working” to get evidence to prove it. Told.

“These three arbitrators have unanimously ruled in our favor on all counts,” Joshi said. “The fact that nothing is written in their petition is really surprising. They have a big hurdle to overcome.”

In a petition filed in federal court in Minnesota, The Washington Post first reportedSeidmann sought a $5 million judgment against Lindell. If the ruling is handed down, Seidmann’s lawyers will be able to go to the financial institutions that back Lindell’s company, Lindell Management LLC, and receive the funds directly.

The petition also seeks to comply with Minnesota law and pay an additional 10% annual interest on the $5 million prize.

Joshi told an insider that Lindell’s claim that Seidman should not have entered the “Prove Mike Wrong” contest was baseless.

Seidman’s attorney, Joshi, said it was “just a complete misunderstanding of the facts of the case.” “During our legal proceedings, they never once challenged the notion that Mr. Seidmann did not meet the prerequisites to participate in the contest.”

Lindell said his petition filed in state court on Thursday lays out the truth.

“Mike Lindell would not accept such a big-ass scam,” he told an insider in third person.

Lindell faces separate defamation lawsuits from Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems, two election technology companies that falsely claimed to have rigged the 2020 presidential election.

last month, Fox and Fox News agreed to pay $787.5 million A separate lawsuit against them against Dominion has been settled, making it the largest publicly known defamation settlement in U.S. history. Part of the lawsuit involved Lindell making false statements on Fox News.

Lindell told Insider on Friday that he was frustrated that Fox News had betrayed him.

“Any backroom deal they made with the Dominion was disgusting,” he said.

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