Public calls probe into former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison a political distraction

An investigation into the former prime minister, who has appointed himself to oversee the five portfolios, is unlikely to achieve anything more, says Nationals leader David Littleproud.

Advice from the Attorney General, released last week, found that Scott Morrison’s actions undermined the principles of “responsible government” but did not break the law.

Mr Littleproud said the investigation announced by the government after the Attorney General found nothing illegal was a political distraction.

“Since the Attorney General has made it clear that no law has been broken, I believe this additional investigation is just that Anthony Albanese is obsessed with Scott Morrison and not the Australian people,” he said. He told Sky News on Sunday.

“They can get away with this stupidity. It will cost Australian taxpayers a lot.

“I don’t think we’ll achieve anything other than what’s already been done.”

Opponents will be constructive around the attorney general’s advice and will implement the recommendations, Littleproud added.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers said Morrison’s actions hit the heart of the Liberal Party’s integrity.

“This issue over Scott Morrison leads to the inability of the Liberal Party to achieve stable government, a prerequisite for meeting our economic challenges,” he told Sky News.

“The Scott Morrison Show (opposition leader) Their reaction to what was revealed about Peter Dutton will be as bad, if not worse than Scott Morrison’s.

“He hasn’t criticized him hard enough.”

The Nationals leader claimed he was unaware of Morrison’s actions to take over a resource portfolio held by his fellow Nationals Rep. Keith Pitt.

Morrison used his position in the resource portfolio to block a controversial offshore gas project known as PEP-11 off the coast of NSW.

The Nationals leader at the time, Barnaby Joyce, had previously been widely informed of the Prime Minister’s actions related to the resource portfolio, revealing that he had attempted to negotiate with Morrison on PEP-11.

“I know Barnaby said broadly that he was going to negotiate with the Prime Minister and Pitt on the PEP-11 issue,” said Little Proud.

“I must say that no one in the National Party really invested in PEP-11 and it did not affect any of the National Party seats.

“So it was really a very narrow question.

The investigation report will be handed out on November 25th.



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