Public works raises McKinsey contracts to $104.6 million total, says millions awarded from other departments

The Federal Public Works Division has amended previously provided information regarding contracts awarded to the US multinational consulting firm McKinsey, which totaled $104.6 million since 2015, and currently gives the company millions of dollars. It says it collects information from other departments that have also spent dollars.

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) provided the information in an unsolicited statement on January 26.

The PSPC told the Epoch Times on January 17 that the 23 contracts won since the liberals took power in 2015 totaled $101.4 million.

In a revised statement, PSPC said the information provided was accurate at the time, but that regular updates to its contract management system resulted in recently awarded contracts.

The new contract relates to a call for a National Master Standing Offer with McKinsey, which provides access to the services of a proprietary benchmarking methodology to enable the performance of Canadian divisions against foreign entities to be measured. is provided.

The new contract is valued at 3.2 million, and the PSPC has not indicated which division will receive the service.

The ministry also said other federal entities have awarded contracts to McKinsey under their own contracting authority.

A non-exhaustive investigation to date shows that since 2015, McKinsey has been awarded 10 contracts worth a total of $12.2 million from other departments and agencies.

Four of those were single-source deals under $40,000, and six were competitive, PSPC said.

McKinsey came into focus after the CBC reported an exponential increase in contracts awarded to him since the liberals took power in 2015.

The public broadcaster initially identified a $66 million contract found through public records, which was no more than the $100 million disclosed by the PSPC.

The House Government Operations Committee voted on Jan. 18 to conduct an investigation of McKinsey’s role in contracting and federal affairs.

Ministers and company representatives are called to testify.

Bloc Québecois MP Julie Vignola said she would like to hear from former McKinsey head Dominic Barton, who was Canada’s ambassador to China from 2019 to 2021.

McKinsey has defended its cooperation with the federal government in previous statements.

“Our government work in Canada is completely non-partisan in nature and focused on key administrative topics such as digitization and operational improvement. We have not made any policy recommendations,” the company said on Jan.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told ministers to consider the deal and said he would change the rules if necessary.

McKinsey also has a strong presence at other levels of government, managing aspects of the pandemic in Quebec and the province. Ontario.

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Peter Wilson contributed to this report.