Pubs and hairdressers will reopen as Britain eases virus blockade

London (AP) —Millions of people in the UK have their first chance in months for haircuts, casual shopping and restaurant meals on Monday as the government takes the next step on its unblockade roadmap. You will get it.

Nationwide regulation has been in place in the UK since early January, with a surge in coronavirus infections that hit the country at the end of last year in connection with a new, more contagious variant first identified in the southeastern United Kingdom. Similar rules are in force in other parts of the UK to curb. ..

The UK has the worst coronavirus outbreak in Europe, with more than 127,000 confirmed deaths.

Infectious diseases, hospitalizations and deaths have all been reduced thanks to the blockade and mass vaccination programs that have given more than 60% of the adult population at least once.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and epidemiologists said that many people remain unvaccinated, and if they relax the rules of social distance or allow foreign holidays this summer, the infection will be renewed. He cautioned that there is a possibility of a surge in the number of people.

“People need to remember that the situation in the UK is clear and stable, but not elsewhere,” said Peter Hobby, chair of the government’s new Respiratory Threat Advisory Group. Stated. “The pandemic is still rampant worldwide.

“And in many European countries, we still have to see the number of race cases and reintroduce the blockade, so it’s very difficult to predict what will happen in the coming months. “He told Times Radio.

On Mondays, in addition to outdoor services at hair salons, gyms, pubs and restaurants, unnecessary shop reopening is allowed.

The prime minister had promised to drink a drink in the pub to commemorate the opportunity, but later postponed the festive drink. Death of Prince Phillip, Husband of Queen Elizabeth II on Friday.

Indoor drinking and dining are not allowed until May 17th at the latest, and theaters, cinemas, night clubs and most other venues remain closed, but indoor socializing is severely restricted and foreign holidays. Remains banned.

This mitigation is good news for the retail and hospitality industries, which have endured several blockades over the past year. But as always, it’s far from the business. The British Beer Pub Association estimates that only 40% of UK pubs have space to reopen for outdoor services.

The rules apply to the United Kingdom. Other parts of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) follow their own similar plans.


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