Putin Crony says he drafted Russia’s ‘kill list’ of Western officials


Photo illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast.Getty

Photo illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast.Getty

Russia’s unfortunate invasion Ukrainian Kremlin Top Propaganda We will unravel it together. In the absence of good news head-on, the Putin administration is pushing a different idea of ​​how to deal with self-inflicted disasters.

Prominent experts who regularly appear on Kremlin-controlled state television have vehemently denied the idea of ​​mere negotiations, saying that no one in Russia withdrawal from Ukraine to end the war. Instead, they are proposing to double down and kill key Westerners who are responsible for helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression.

Appeared on national television Evening with Vladimir Solovyov On Tuesday night, one of Russia’s most prominent pro-Putin propagandists, Yevgeny Satanovsky, proposed a deadly solution. Solovyov got down to business and asked Satanovsky: How should we treat Americans? What Should Russia Do? ”

Satanovsky, director of Russia’s Institute for the Middle East after heading the Russian Jewish Congress, replied: We will continue to be what we are. Opposing us is the relatively small group in charge of this camp. They are menacing and fear nothing. Since the time of Gorbachev, they stopped being afraid of us when we started playing by their rules. This is the main factor. ”

Solovyov questioned whether he was saying that the world’s approximately 1.5 billion people in NATO member states should be slaughtered. Satanovsky elaborates: They need to understand that once the push comes their way it means the end for them personally… You know I know these people. I know i’ve seen them all. Only by realizing that they personally face the end…that alone will affect those people.

Putin’s dueling infantry apparently kill each other

Satanovsky admitted to drafting a list of such names, which Solovyov immediately called the “Satanovsky List”. Critics speculate that: “Satanovsky List”? perhaps. You should do this kind of thing. [Volodymyr] Zelensky or Biden is like making a deal with your killer. ”

Satanovsky said he gets furious when people say peace is better than war. “No, peace is not good. “They want to make an entry in the encyclopedia: ‘Once there were Russians, there was once Russia, but now it’s gone.'”

Andrei Sidorov, Deputy Dean of World Politics at Moscow State University, points out that in light of Russia’s recent annexation, a war is now taking place on what they consider to be the territory of the Russian Federation. I wholeheartedly agreed. Why should we show mercy to those who are leading this war? ”

A humiliating failure on the battlefield lies at the heart of Russia’s desperate attempt to help Ukraine fight aggression.

Appeared on national television 60 minutes On Tuesday, war correspondent Aleksandr Sladkov nonchalantly admitted that the Ukrainians were able to retake 17 settlements.Sladkov too Said A stunned host, Olga Skaviva, said it was at least two months away from even an attempt by the Russian army to advance due to manpower shortages and the time it would take to train. newly mobilized reinforcements.

Top Putin crony admits they want to ‘sad and panic’ about Ukraine

State television host Vladimir Solovyov devastated by failed conquest in Ukraine Admitted He was in a bad mood and advocated the reinstatement of the death penalty to execute those who dared to retreat, surrender or desert.

On the Wednesday broadcast of Solovyov’s program Solovyov live, his sidekick Roman Golovanov interviewed the war correspondent Aleksandr Kots, who was standing in the ruins of Svatove, and reported: There is simply no physical force. This is the reason for the currently observed failures. A very difficult period of military action is now underway. No good news from the Kherson region in the near future. On the Lugansk front, too, everything is not so great. ”

Appearing on the same show, TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov burst into tears, denouncing those who did not want to die in Russia’s war as “zero, rot and garbage.” A dejected propagandist burst into tears on live television, urging others to join the fight, but himself did not express his desire to do so.

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