Putin estimates that 75 percent of Russia’s total army has committed to the Ukrainian war, the Pentagon estimates

Russian tanks outside Kharkov

Russian tanks outside Kharkov Sergei Boboku / AFP / Getty Images

Most of Russia’s military attacks in Ukraine continue to stagnate in the fierce resistance of Ukraine, but Russian troops continue to launch dozens of missiles and rockets daily at Ukrainian civilian and military targets. I am. U.S. senior defense official said At a briefing in Brussels on Wednesday.

The United States estimates that Russian President Vladimir Putin “involves about 75 percent of the entire army in the fight in Ukraine.” Officials saidAs will be revealed later, the 75 percent figure mainly refers to “battalion tactical groups, the units he has relied on primarily.”

“At the height of the war between Iraq and Afghanistan, we had a commitment of about 29 percent,” said former US Army European Commander Lieutenant. Ben Hodges mentioned Tuesday At the think tank of the European Policy Analysis Center. “And it was difficult to maintain.”

UK Ministry of Defense Said on Tuesday Given Putin’s serious “human loss” in Ukraine, “Russia is relocating troops from distant places such as the Eastern Military Division, the Pacific Fleet, Armenia, and the private military companies, Syria, etc. There is an increasing need to try to use regular sources. Mercenaries. “

U.S. officials Said The Pentagon said, “They are those, given the deaths, injuries, and asylum they suffer every day, as they see the Russians” consider and discuss the possibility of supply to include replacement units. ” “Replenish the loss.” But officials said, “There are no signs that something is moving outside what is currently in Ukraine,” and “the enormous amount of combat power they have available.” I’m still evaluating it. ” In Ukraine.

“It’s pretty clear that Russian generals are running out of time, ammunition, and personnel.” CEPA Hodges wrote.. “There is no suggestion that the Russians are hiding a large force somewhere in the forest.” And “It is clear that the nominal strength of the Russian army of 900,000 is an empty number.” Russia 4 He added that he would call for an additional 130,000 troops on the 1st of the month. But “Russians do not come home while the Ukrainian diasporas are flocking home to help the fight-and in fact, many are leaving to avoid Putin’s fight.”

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