Putin fled to his secret palace in the woods amid anti-conscription protests in Russian cities, report says


Putin and his palace

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his secret palace.Getty Images, Russian WikiLeaks

  • Vladimir Putin fled to his secret palace during anti-conscription protests in Russia, reports say.

  • OVD-Info said 724 people were detained in 32 different cities on Saturday.

  • Putin intends to stay at the palace until at least Thursday, journalists said, citing three sources.

Amid anti-conscription protests in Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken refuge in a secret palace near Gelendzhik, roughly halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg. MailOnline first reported.

The Russian president traveled to his villa on Wednesday, according to freelance journalist Farida Rusamova, who cited three sources familiar with Putin’s schedule.

There he rests “body and soul”, Rusamova said in a telegram postenjoys the facilities of the palace, which Putin publicly denies belongs to him.

putin palace images

Image of Vladimir Putin’s alleged secret palace bedroom.FBKMore

Allies of imprisoned Russian activist Alexei Navalny Publish hundreds of photos Inside a gorgeous building they say. In a statement last year, Navalny said the palace and grounds have security fences, harbors, churches, no-fly zones, wine caves, theaters, gyms, pools, spas and an “aqua disco.” and an ice hockey field.

putin palace images

Images of the interior of Vladimir Putin’s alleged secret palace.FBKMore

The Anti-Corruption Foundation claims Putin’s inner circle was funded through a scheme to give the president access and influence.

Putin Palace Black Sea FBK

An image showing the exterior of Vladimir Putin’s palace.FBKMore

Roussamova claimed Putin intends to stay at the palace until at least next Thursday. Journalists also claimed that the president had pre-recorded several videos of the meeting.

Rusamova said Putin left for the palace that day the video was published It shows that it announced partial military mobilization on Wednesday.

Widespread protests erupted across Russia after Putin announced that 300,000 reservists would be ordered to fight in the war against Ukraine.

Anti-war protests in Moscow

A police officer detains a protester at an unauthorized rally in Moscow, Russia, on September 24, 2022.Contributor/Getty Images

Hundreds of Russians, including a 14-year-old girl, have been arrested while participating in unauthorized gatherings prohibited by Russian law. according to report. According to OVD-Info, 724 people were detained in 32 different cities on Saturday. BBC news.

According to Sky News, protests took place in cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk and Omsk.

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