Putin is “doubling” with a new attack by the Russian flag-raising army because he can’t afford to lose, the CIA director says.

  • President Putin is confident that “doubling” will help change the course of Russia’s Ukraine, CIA Director William Burns said.

  • Putin said he could double his efforts because he “doesn’t think he can afford to lose,” according to CBS News.

  • Russia has failed to establish its position in the Donbus region, and military morale is reportedly low.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to double his efforts in Ukraine, despite his troops being aggressive, CIA Director William Burns said Saturday. Every CBS News.

“I think he’s still confident that he can make progress by doubling,” Burns said at the Financial Times weekend festival.

According to CBS News, Russian leaders are “prepared to believe they can’t afford to lose,” Burns continued.

Putin has already “bet a lot” on the second stage of the Ukrainian attack, Burns added. It saw Russia refocus its military efforts on the south and east of Ukraine.

Burns’ comment that Putin doubles, Reported low morale of Russian soldiers And that Pentagon assessort, last week, his army was “behind schedule”.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is currently concentrated primarily in the Donbus region. Ten weeks later, Russian troops were still unable to take control of major cities.

Ukraine’s resistance is strong, Analyst on BBC News Ukrainian military operations are turning into successful counterattacks.

According to Burns, Putin’s “biggest mistake” during the invasion was “underestimating the Ukrainians.”

Russian leaders are now “trying to adapt some of the lessons from the failure of the first phase,” Burns said, according to CBS News.

Some western officials Putin makes a big announcement on May 9thDesigned to show Russia’s strength before the military parade on the iconic Victory Day.

There is Report He said he intends to formally declare a full-scale war against Ukraine, which Russia has so far called a “special military operation.” other Report Indicates that Putin may introduce general mobilization.

“There is no practical evidence as an intelligence agency at this point in Russia’s plans to deploy and potentially use tactical nuclear weapons,” Burns said in CBS News. But he added, “these possibilities cannot be underestimated.”

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