Putin is inching towards nuclear weapons and threatens to annihilate the world if Ukraine fails to occupy, foreign experts say.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

The subject of nuclear weapons has been brought to the fore by the Russian media and authorities.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said the risks of a global nuclear war are very real. This ominous warning was not from a psychopath who demanded nuclear weapons from Kyiv on Russian national television. These were the words of the top diplomats of the Russian Federation.

In diplomatic terms, Viklov basically admitted that the boastful attack on Donbus was stalled, the war was defeated, and there was nothing to counter Russia’s Western weapons on Ukraine. Political and military, Russia is being cornered.

The Kremlin has shown that nuclear weapons are at the table as a last resort to this war, as Putin cannot accept defeat.

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This is nothing but a threat to unleash a nuclear war on the world. Even though Viklov may not be enthusiastic about bringing the end of the day personally-only the minister of the Russian state-his overlord is fully apocalyptic and ready. Viklov simply broadcasts the will of his master.

In any case, this was a completely serious statement. I think it’s on the same level as Putin’s infamous article “On the Unity of the Russian and Ukrainian People” last summer.In that text, the dictator If Ukraine relinquished its sovereignty and refused to be absorbed by Russia, it explicitly promised to destroy Ukraine as a political entity.

If Putin prevents Ukraine from being annihilated, Viklov threatens the world with destruction. Both he and Putin are seriously dead. In my opinion, the international community needs to respond to these threats in a way that goes against Putin’s expectations.

After launching a crazy, irrational and barbaric invasion of Ukraine, Russia has revealed that it is no longer a reliable and rational actor on the international stage. World leaders recognize that it is best to take Russia’s nuclear threat seriously. Otherwise, it will be exorbitantly expensive. After all, the survival of human civilization is at stake. Some are now openly threatening to destroy our civilization if his ridiculous demands are not met. This is a large-scale nuclear terrorism. Not only major cities like New York, but all humanity are at stake.

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It is out of the question to give in to the terrorist’s demands, which will only make him bold and inspire imitators to make further demands. Sooner or later the world will have to call his bluff somewhere with a red line, risking a global nuclear war. The only difference is that the longer we soothe a terrorist, the stronger he will be and the weaker and more depressing the rest of the world. Mitigation is not an option.

So what else do we need to do? Any security force personnel can answer that: the only option available is to eliminate terrorists who are hostages the entire planet and force us all to meet his political demands. Is to do. Unlike a fictitious asteroid rushing towards Earth, this is a global problem that requires a global solution.

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In other words, scientists, diplomats, politicians, doctors, spies, and soldiers all have to set their complaints aside and strive to solve one common problem. Western countries are beginning to recognize the extent of the threat, and the EU, G7 and NATO are all working together.

This is followed by China, another important center of the modern world. Needless to say, Russia is now left to Chinese vassals. Beijing is in a position to order Putin around.

The CCP was somewhat hostile to the United States and saw Putin very favorably. China’s President Xi Jinping allowed Putin to invade Ukraine after the Beijing Olympics, and Russia followed.

But despite favoring Russia over the United States, China is not looking forward to being destroyed by a nuclear Armageddon fire due to Putin’s obsession with Ukraine. I think Xi Jinping told Putin: China is renowned for its long-term perspective of becoming one of the planet’s major economic, cultural and scientific powers. There is no ambition to transform into a radioactive wasteland. Putin’s bets are pushing them forward.

Therefore, in response to Viklov’s threat, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a fairly strict statement according to Chinese standards. All sides must avoid the crisis in Ukraine and avoid the spread of conflict. Beijing has signaled Putin that Russia will not receive financial, technical or military assistance from China. I don’t even have sympathy. And without the support of China, the Russian proverbial warship would have to follow only one path.

He brainwashed his masses in hopes of victory, but as it turns out, Ukraine will parade its troops across Moscow. The problem is that Putin has no other way. All he is thinking about now is nuclear war. It is his only recognized remedy from the humiliating military defeat in Ukraine.

Putin doesn’t know what to do next, so his fingers are sneaking up towards the nuclear “button.” That is why he is convinced that Chinese security forces will soon join the Western security forces and come up with ways to neutralize the Russian dictator. Everyone in the world will pool their resources to stop Putin. After all, nuclear war must be avoided.