Putin is preparing for a new war

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

This means with one hand signing a similar agreement with Turkey and the United Nations on lifting the blockade of Ukrainian ports for grain exports, with the other hand attacking the port of Odessa with “caliber” missiles, At the same time Ukrainians themselves are time to direct media killers to spread misinformation firing at their own strategic targets.

And at the same time, we are receiving a worthless response of uncertain content from the United Nations about the abstract condemnation of artillery fire. But it’s not Russia carrying out these attacks. Honestly, Putin knows how to push his own scenario.

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It uses both a developed network of Russian agents widely embedded in all international organizations, from the United Nations to the IAEA. Russian-funded politicians and officials.

Former German Chancellor Schroeder vacationing in Moscow. The capital of the country that started the modern war in Europe. And if you think “money doesn’t smell”, it doesn’t. Now money from Russia – and it’s not their “wooden” rubles, but real dollars and euros – smells. With the blood of Ukrainians being killed by Russians. Not everyone is caught up in this fact.

What will Putin do next and what is he preparing for? Russia is preparing to legalize its occupation of captured Ukrainian territories. Also called a merger. Of course, the practice of raising the Russian flag while playing the Soviet-Russian national anthem in an occupied Ukrainian town does not cause much disturbance.

Usually, such vandalism against international law and all post-war agreements between nations takes place in the presence of collaborators, representatives of Moscow and dozens of retired local traitors. But Putin no longer cares about pictures.

Putin wants to achieve what he is trying to “unify” Ukrainian territory with Russia, following a scenario similar to Crimea.

And after that, the Kremlin wants to announce to the West that from this moment the war will take on a new meaning. American “Himar” fires at the concentrations, command posts and warehouses of the Russian army, which already have ammunition on the territory that in Russia is considered part of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the Western pro-Russian lobby has done its job, cutting off aid to Ukraine and publicizing the narrative that a direct confrontation between NATO countries and Russia is unacceptable because of the supply of weapons and shelling of objects. will bring it to the scene. On the territory that the Russians perceive as their own.

The Kremlin’s diabolical combination will continue. Putin and his army now need a truce – on his terms. This is when Russian occupying forces are not being fired on, but can fire missiles at any object in Ukraine. There is a slight reaction of

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This “truce” is similar to the “Peace of Versailles”. The experienced French Marshal Foch said after signing: This is his 20 year truce. ”But in our case, we don’t have 20 years. Think logically. According to the Center for Analysis, which includes British Intelligence, Russia has already used her 85% of its troops for hostilities in Ukraine. CNN reports.

Russians need time to recover, regroup, mobilize (covertly or overtly), train those mobilized, and restore equipment. Putin is trying to negotiate with Turkish President Erdogan about building a Bayraktar factory in Russia.

As you know, a factory is not built in a day. At an accelerated pace, even in wartime conditions. So Putin works from a relatively distant point of view.

Of course, moving the production of “Bayraktar” to Russia is a massive betrayal. But I sincerely hope that the Turkish president will never go. And not just because he understands the threat to Ukraine. And he recognizes the threat to Turkey itself. In the form of a direct confrontation with Russia, not only in the Karabakh region, but also in the Black Sea if Putin advances into Ukraine and seizes new territories.

You can send your Turkish friends the history of the Russo-Turkish War to remind them of the historical background. I think Erdogan knows him well.

So now Putin wants to stop the fire from the Ukrainian side without stopping at destroying Ukraine. And indeed – the North and South Korean scenario (for naive people who think that Russia will stop at the border of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions) is impossible.

Putin has such a deep and comprehensive hatred of Ukraine that his propaganda has so strongly aroused the heads of the Russian people that while he seized the settlements in the Luhansk region, he had already started the siege of Kharkov and Planning to bomb Dnipro.

And for this he definitely does not need high-precision weapons and microcircuits from Taiwan. He is ready to burn the city with a primitive and still Soviet “Grad”. It covers an area of ​​​​square kilometers, but does not hit specific targets as accurately as the American “Himar”. The “Grad” projectile does not have a GPS navigation system and flies according to its ballistic trajectory anywhere – the positions of the Ukrainian army, schools, kindergartens, hospitals or simply to burn crops in the fields.

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Putin needs time to replenish ammunition for these “graduates” at Russian factories working several shifts. In the form of this “truce”. But remember – Putin is preparing for a new war.

The conclusion is not very original. Ukraine needs weapons and ammunition. All this, sorry, is needed by the country that disarmed its cruise missiles and transferred them to Russia. Russia is now shelling Ukraine with the same missiles. Along with nuclear weapons, the peaceful and naive young nation also destroyed its own strategic aviation. You can also carry regular weapons. The same missiles and aerial bombs that stop invaders on the front lines.

Does anyone count in money how much resources Ukraine has devoted to the altar of world peace? was broken. So now is the time to correct this historic mistake. Yes, sending your own resources and money to faraway Ukraine is painful and costly for the economy. It’s about lots of money and lots of resources. Much more than what has already been sent.

But not doing so will cost you more. And with the same “Himars” we will attack our own infrastructure: the excellent autobahns, bridges, schools that the Russians use for their headquarters. To stop rusty Russian tanks already on the territory of NATO countries.

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Think this is a great scenario? And I don’t think so. Putin hates you, our dear Western partners, as wholeheartedly as he hates Ukrainians. At least in Poland, Ukraine’s neighbor, this is very clearly understood. The Poles are already on course to create the most powerful army in Europe. And they call their country a front-line country.

Therefore, the best suggestion for all Europeans (and therefore Americans who are not silently watching the war in Europe) is to increase their support for Ukraine. Don’t pay blood for your own freedom. After all, Putin needs Ukraine not only as a territory. And as an industrial, energy and food base for the Great March to the West. Please keep this in mind when your government decides to aid Ukraine.

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