Putin once spoke with George W. Bush at a rural high school in Texas to answer questions about human rights.

Bush and Putin, November 2001

President Bush and Putin share a laugh together at the Crawford Summit on November 15, 2001Reuters

  • In 2001, former US President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin temporarily united.

  • They held a summit in a rural Texas town of 705 people, where Bush owns a nearby ranch.

  • Putin and his wife stayed on the ranch, after which the two presidents were questioned by local students.

Two months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin joined former US President George W. Bush in the 700 Texas country town where Bush owns a nearby Prairie Chapel Ranch. The two leaders also spoke in high school after relaxing on the ranch, According to NPR.

An unimaginable meeting was held in Crawford, Texas on November 15, 2001, billed for the Crawford Summit, and both presidents reached their first term within a year.

It was a time when Putin praised Bush and Russia for trying to normalize their relations with the West after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Russian power.

“I had a great supper last night. I ate a little Texas barbecue, pecan pie, and Texas music. I think the president really enjoyed it,” Bush told the students. According to the George W. Bush White House archive.. “I told him I’d welcome to come back next August to taste the true taste of Crawford. He said, I’m fine, and maybe you want to go to Siberia in the winter. Let’s do it. “

During his speech, Bush stated that Putin and his wife Ludmila spent the night at his prairie chapel ranch.

“It’s also my honor to introduce President Putin to Crawford. Many people here, especially the elderly, dream of an American president bringing a Russian president to Crawford, Texas. You wouldn’t have thought, “Bush said. “Many people never dreamed that the President of the United States and the President of Russia could build our friendship. We were enemies for a long time.”

“We are working together to break old bonds and establish a new spirit of cooperation and trust so that we can work together to make the world more peaceful,” Bush added. His speech focused primarily on the war on terrorism and Russia’s view as a partner in that fight.

Bush and Putin

President Bush and Putin share a laugh together at the Crawford Summit on November 15, 2001Reuters

“On the way here, I never expected things to be as warm and homely as President Bush’s ranch,” Putin said. “I was surprised yesterday, but today’s conference is yet another very enjoyable surprise for us. In fact, in every country, the backbone of every country is not just the people who live in the capital, but most of the time what from the capital. People who live a hundred miles away. “

Putin’s comments greatly praised Russia’s contribution to the United States and emphasized the shared cultural history of migration.

The students then asked about the US invasion of Afghanistan, which was a war of only two months at the time. One student asked two leaders, “How do you think the collapse of the Taliban government will affect women’s rights?”

“There is no doubt that the Taliban is the most oppressive and backward group of people we have seen on the surface of the planet for a long time, especially how to treat women,” President Bush said.

Bush and Putin

Bush and Putin in front of a Texas mural at the Crawford Summit on November 15, 2001Reuters

He told the students that he wanted Putin to talk about the topic of human rights as well. Putin then replied, “In Afghanistan, this phenomenon has taken an extreme form, and the disregard for human rights has gained an extreme dimension.”

“Overall, women in Afghanistan are basically not treated as humans,” Putin said.

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