Putin says Biden’s media depiction is incorrect

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the way Joe Biden was portrayed by several media outlets was not true.

“The image of President Biden, depicted by us, and even by the American press, has nothing to do with reality,” Putin told reporters in Moscow. Moscow Times.. “Biden is a professional. You have to be very careful when working with him so that you don’t miss anything. Believe me because he doesn’t miss anything.”

During the 2020 campaign and his current administration, many media outlets have focused on Biden’s misrepresentation of reporters, press conferences, and his relatively old age.

Putin and Biden met this week in Geneva, Switzerland for three and a half hours. Following their meeting, Biden said he raised several issues with Putin, including cybersecurity, election interference, and the treatment of prominent dissident Alexei Navalny.

When the two met, speculation was rampant from the press about their leaders’ body language, facial expressions, or their comments during the news conference. At some point on Wednesday, several White House officials, including spokesman Jen Psaki, released a statement saying Biden did not agree with a reporter’s question about whether the president would trust Putin. did.

But Putin further insisted Biden said, “It is a perfectly healthy spirit and should be taken seriously.”

Biden praised Putin as a “balanced professional” and added that he was “very experienced” at a press conference Wednesday after the meeting.

“I told President Putin that my agenda was not against Russia or anyone else, but for the American people. Fight COVID-19, rebuild the economy, and relations around the world. “We will rebuild,” said Biden, adding that Russia and the United States need a “stable and predictable” relationship.

The praise statements from the two about each other contrast with the statements made just a few weeks ago.

During an interview with ABC News, Biden was asked by correspondents if he believed the Russian president was a “murderer,” and Biden replied affirmatively. It happened when the administration attacked several Russian financial institutions with sanctions on suspicion of election interference and SolarWinds cybersecurity breaches. We believe this was done by the US authorities at the request of Moscow.

Meanwhile, under the previous administration, Democratic politicians, including Biden, sought to tie former President Donald Trump to alleged attempts to interfere with the 2016 elections. Former special counsel Robert Mueller later discovered that Trump did not collude with Russia during the election.

Putin denied that the Kremlin was involved in election interference and serious cybersecurity breaches, arguing that such claims were made by American politicians to use Russia as a scapegoat.

“We have been blamed for all sorts of things,” Putin told NBC News in an interview released on June 14. “Election interference, cyber attacks, etc. And, never, once, never, they did not produce any kind of evidence or evidence. Unfounded accusations.”

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