Putin says “Don’t ruin Russia-British relations” after being criticized by MI6 Secretary

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the MI6 Secretary to oppose interference with Russia-British relations after describing Russia as a “declining force” and criticizing the Kremlin’s “reckless” behavior.

Putin emphasized that MI6 Secretary Richard Moore was “new” to the role on Friday night, suggesting that the Spy Secretary would “rethink his reputation” in Moscow. Moore, who started, opposed the Kremlin’s actions and described Russia as “an economically and demographically objectively declining force.”

Asked about his remarks at the press conference, President Putin said, “You said the new MI6 Secretary made these assessments. [on] If Russia is declining. So why worry, why worry, just live your life and don’t try to ruin the relationship between Russia and Britain anymore. “

Through a video link from St. Petersburg, he said Britain and Russia saw trade growth last year, adding that “so if you don’t try to interfere with this process, everything will be fine.”

In April, Moore talked about his ongoing anger at the Novichok attack in Salisbury. In this attack, two Russian agents targeted Sergei Scripal.

Spy emphasized the allegation that Russian military intelligence agency GRU exploded in a Czech weapons factory in 2014, killing two people.

“When we see such a reckless pattern of behavior, of course, we are worried about what is happening around Ukraine. That is why allies are sure to receive a solid message to President Putin. We have worked closely with him, “he told Times Radio.

Moore also said the administration was under pressure as Russia faced decline.

“Russia is an objectively declining country, both economically and demographically,” he said.

“It’s a very challenging place. And obviously, as thousands of protesters have seen on the streets of many cities, not just Moscow, the treatment of Alexei Navalny is quite dissatisfied with Mr Putin. Indicates that there is. “

Relations between Moscow and London have been particularly tense since nerve agents attacked British lands in 2018.

Scripal survived, but 44-year-old Dawn Starges died unknowingly spraying chemicals stored in a perfume bottle found by his partner.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, who has accused Russia of being a “hostile” country, has recently urged NATO to use political pressure to confront the threat from Moscow.

Mr. Rab also believed that prominent Belarusian critics could have been arrested for being changed from Ryanair’s plane destination “at least without the acquiescence of the Moscow authorities.” It’s hard. “