Putin says the “perfectness” of Balieva’s skating could not be achieved by doping

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the performance of teenage figure skater Camilla Warieva could not be achieved with the help of banned substances.

Warieva, who turned 16 on Tuesday, failed a doping test at the Russian National Championships last December, but the result was 2 the day after she had already helped the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) win the team event. It was revealed only on the 8th of March. Beijing Olympics.

The incident cast a shadow over Russian participation in the convention, as it was already faced with increased oversight of separate doping sanctions that saw Russians competing without flags or national anthems.

“Through her work, she took the sport to the level of real art,” Putin said at the Kremlin televised awards ceremony for medalists from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. ..

“Such perfection cannot be fraudulently achieved with the help of additional substances and manipulations. We are well aware that figure skating does not require these additional substances.”

Warieva, who likes to win the Olympic gold medal, was allowed to participate in a women’s single event in Beijing by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but finished fourth in error-prone free skating. She became the first woman to land a quad jump at the Olympics during a team event.

The Warieva case questioned whether it was necessary to raise the minimum age of figure skating athletes (now 15) to protect minors.

President Putin said the Russian and Belarusian Paralympics, which were expelled from the Beijing Paralympics after Russia sent troops to Ukraine on February 24, are examples of nationality-based discrimination.

“The suspension of athletes from Russia and Belarus not only violated the basic principles of sport directly, but their most basic human rights … openly and ironically violated,” Putin said at the Olympics in the Kremlin. Said at the ceremony between the athletes and the Paralympians.

Putin also criticized FINA for being suspended for nine months for attending a rally in support of Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine by Russian Olympic gold medalist Evgeny Rylov. , Called this move “completely ridiculous.”

Many International Sports Federations prohibit both Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in international events surrounding Moscow’s military operations in Ukraine.