Putin suffers most humiliating Ukraine defeat ever


Ilya Pitarev

Ilya Pitarev

Moscow was going to celebrate Large swaths of eastern Ukraine to be annexed on Friday But Putin’s party was destroyed by a possible trapped lightning bolt counterattack thousands of men Probably in an important city that is now part of Russia.

According to Ukrainian sources, the strategic city of Lyman russian army The Donetsk hub was surrounded and the supply lines were cut. “Lyman! The operation to encircle the Russian group is nearing completion,” Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko said on Friday. He was unable to independently verify this claim, but if confirmed, it would represent the heaviest loss of Russian troops in the war so far.

Pro-Kremlin forces admit that Ukrainians are making big profits in the region and are trying to cut off a Russian transit station north of Donetsk, which has been under Russian control since July.

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Ukraine said earlier in the week it was trying to reclaim territory, making big profits at the fortress, despite the Russian president’s insistence that the area belongs to enlarged Russia.

The humiliation of Moscow continues to spark speculation that Putin may decide to attack in new, more brutal ways.

Maxim Yushin, the political editor of Russian state television, has warned that Putin intends to push the button for a nuclear strike “in the next few days or weeks” and that people will be pessimistic for the rest of the time. It’s a shame to live, so enjoy yourself.”

Military analysts say the recapture of Lyman could boost morale and spur Ukrainian forces to move to Luhansk province.

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The Ukrainian military is planning a major counterattack. “In the event of Lyman’s fall, our forces… will be able to cut off the main supply routes to the Russian forces in Severodonetsk and Lyushchansk.” [in Luhansk]’, said the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Telegram.

The UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) said the gains came at the same time as a monumental supply problem for Russia. “Medical delivery to Russian combat units in Ukraine has probably deteriorated,” the Defense Ministry said Friday in its weekly War Assessment Bulletin. “Some of the newly mobilized Russian reservists were ordered to procure their own combat first aid supplies, with the advice that women’s sanitary napkins were a cost-effective solution. There are.”

Among other problems, theft appears to be the case.Some new soldiers use zip ties rather than standard Velcro attachments to secure their supply of tourniquets, making them easier to steal. “This will almost certainly prevent or preclude the timely application of tourniquet care in the event of catastrophic hemorrhage on the battlefield,” the Department of Defense statement claimed. . “Russian forces’ lack of confidence in adequate medical supplies has almost certainly contributed to the low morale and unwillingness to carry out offensive operations in many Ukrainian units.”

The British military also suggests that more Russians fled across the border after compulsory conscription was introduced than they actually fought in the war. It is overrepresented among those who are trying,” they said. “Combined with the reservists being mobilized, the impact on the domestic economy from the shrinking labor force and accelerating ‘brain drain’ is likely to be even greater.”

In Moscow, meanwhile, plans continue for an annexation ceremony on Friday.

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