Putin Surprised Order to Stop Mobilization Needed, Seeks Legal Advice

The aggressor’s president, Vladimir Putin, has declared mobilization in Russia complete, but he claims he is not sure if another order is needed to this effect.

sauce: President Putin during a press conference in Sochi

Quote: “finished [mobilisation was announced – ed.] By my order, but at the suggestion of the Ministry of Defense. ”

detail: Putin said he would be advised on whether another decree would be necessary. added,” he said.


  • On October 31, the General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces claimed: instructed His men will report completion of partial mobilization by 1 November.

  • On October 28, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said: notification Russian President Vladimir Putin said partial mobilization had ended and 82,000 conscripts had been sent to Ukraine.

  • October 31st, Kremlin Questions Avoided Regarding the lack of a presidential decree confirming the end of mobilization.

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