Putin, threatened by democracy, wants to “damage Ukraine” rather than “dominate”

Harry Kazianis, senior director of the National Interest Center, a general US foreign policy and national security expert, said Putin did not control Ukraine, but damaged the military, making it unattractive to the European Union and NATO. Said it didn’t seem to be. Allies.

“Putin doesn’t want to take full control of the country. He just wants to hurt it.” Kazianis said NTD Capitol Report Hosting Steve Lance in an interview on February 15th.

Putin is unlikely to invade Ukraine given the current situation, but if he attacks, it is swift.

“But I think the Russians will launch a very short, sharp war, probably about a week or two. What they are essentially trying to do is damage the Ukrainian army. It’s about damaging its economy to the extent that NATO and the European Union never want to touch them, “said Kazianis. “And it makes sense because I think Putin is afraid of a strong and vibrant democracy at his border, integrated with the EU and NATO.”

In the past, Moscow has requested that Ukraine not participate in NATO. This is an idea rejected by the United States and its western allies.

He said the new developments suggest that Putin wants to try diplomacy rather than military action to get what he wants in the area.

“I think the Russians are going to postpone for now. There is actually a recent footage of President Vladimir Putin talking to Foreign Minister Sergei Viklov, and Putin asked Labrov: Diplomacy. Was there any more way to? … Did he waste his time? In fact, Viklov said he hadn’t run out of all diplomatic paths yet. So it’s probably the Russians just flashing a little. I think it is. “

Epoch Times Photo
In this photo, released by the Russian Foreign Ministry press, Russian Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov pauses during a joint news conference between him and Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos Franca after a meeting in Moscow, Russia on November 30, 2021. To do. (Via the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs news agency AP)

Kazianis does not believe that invading Ukraine is in Russia’s best interests.

“It will be a disaster for his administration, it will fight Ukrainians, they will fight fiercely, they will lose, but it will eventually deplete Russia of all counterinsurgency operations. I was the mother of the campaign. “

Mr Putin said he hopes Putin will not launch an attack. Because mistakes are costly and can harm innocent people in the surrounding area.

This screenshot shows the location of a Mi-2 helicopter crashing and firing on July 17, 2021, near the village of Zaib in the southern part of the Mykolaiv region, south of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. (Google Map / Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

“I really hope it’s not Putin’s intention, because the danger here isn’t necessarily the Russian invasion. That’s a bad thing, but it’s a miscalculation,” Kazianis said. rice field. “That is, God forbids Russian missiles. As you know, there is a problem with the guidance system, landing in Poland and killing those who could cause Article 5.”

Article 5 of NATO Treaty “Group defense means that an attack on one ally is considered an attack on all allies.”

Russia has gathered about 130,000 troops and artillery and other heavy equipment near the Ukrainian border, but the Kremlin repeatedly denied plans to attack, stating that military action was to maintain security against NATO’s aggression. rice field.

Tom Ozimek contributed to this report.



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