Putin warns that all global energy infrastructure is at risk after the Nord Stream pipeline explodes.


Russian President Vladimir Putin says all energy infrastructure around the world is at risk after explosions last month on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea. I was.

Speaking at an energy forum in Moscow on Wednesday, Russia’s leader said the pipeline explosion was a terrorist attack that set “the most dangerous precedent”. Bloomberg reported.

“It shows that any very important object of transport, energy or utility infrastructure is under threat regardless of where it is located or by whom it is controlled,” he said. Told.

Both Western and Russian officials are investigating the explosion on a critical pipeline that occurred on September 26th.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhail Podlyak said the leak was “a terrorist attack planned by Russia and nothing more than an act of aggression against the EU”, adding that Russia would “destabilize the economic situation in Europe and trigger a crisis.” I want to,” he claimed. – Winter Panic.

Putin on Wednesday accused sabotage by the United States, Ukraine and Poland of causing damage to the pipeline, claiming those countries benefited from the explosion that caused the massive gas leak.

NATO and EU officials stress the need to secure their energy infrastructure after pipeline leaks following Western sanctions against Russia over war in Ukraine .

Polish pipeline leak

On Wednesday, Polish operator PERN said it had detected a leak in a pipeline carrying energy supplies from Russia to Europe, including Germany, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria.

The Druzhba oil pipeline is located just 40 miles (40 miles) from the Polish city of Plock.

“At this time, the cause of the accident is unknown. Pumping on the damaged line was immediately stopped. Pumping on other lines has not been prevented,” the company said. statement.

But Mateus Berger, the Polish government’s head of strategic energy infrastructure, said: told Reuters There is no basis to believe that the leak was caused by sabotage and is most likely accidental.

“We can talk about accidental damage here,” Berger said. “We live in turbulent times, and while there are many possible implications, there is absolutely no reason to believe it at this stage,” he added.

Earlier this month, German officials branded sabotage the cutting of a cable vital to Germany’s northern rail network, but did not go so far as to blame Russia.

Meanwhile, Putin has proposed that Russia redirect supplies intended to go through the damaged Nord Stream pipeline to the Black Sea, thereby establishing a gas hub in Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly called for him to play the role of mediator in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The Russian president has also touted the use of intact parts of Nord Stream 2 to supply the EU, but European officials quickly dropped the idea as relations between the Kremlin and the West continue to sour. I refuse.

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