Putin’s administration may collapse from the inside, but Russian opposition leaders cannot replace it, political experts say.

Moscow, Russia. May 27, 2022

Moscow, Russia. May 27, 2022

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“I don’t see that possibility yet. I think the Putin administration could collapse from the inside. What would happen if it collapsed,” Portnikov said.

“First, the question is how long it will take – a year or a decade? As a result of the dictator’s physical death or earlier? It collapses as a result of some serious coups. Or a serious economic and social Russian crisis. These are completely different conditions. “

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Portonikov said it was also important what would happen to the Russian elite after the fall of Putin’s administration.

“Will the elite in power in Russia today retain power, will it just be modified to become a partner in negotiations with the West? Or will it lead to the complete destruction of such elites? “Political experts said.

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Portonikov gave an example. When political asylum seekers returned to Russia in 1917, there was hope that those who were “voices of common sense” would take power.

Instead, he said the Bolsheviks were in power.

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“Maybe it’s the same here. You might be thinking of the wrong people today,” he said.

“After the collapse of the authoritarian regime, the return of asylum seekers always (produces different results).”

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