Putin’s army openly plans to abandon the “stupid” war



Russian soldiers are clearly so fed up with Vladimir Putin’s “stupid” war in Ukraine, so they are now planning to openly go to AWOL with their own commander.

The main intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is recording On Thursday, the soldiers were allegedly intercepted to explain the details of the plan, which was said to be an accurate indication of the event.

Soldiers identified by Ukrainian intelligence as one of the many men “mobilized” by authorities in occupied Donetsk, with them because he and others in his battalion were inadequately equipped. Even the Chechen army fighting with them complains that they are ridiculing them as “flesh.”

“Everyone here … I’m telling you … everyone is planning to take off on the 26th,” says the alleged soldier.

“Isn’t that ridiculous?” Another man says he’s apparently a relative in his hometown.

“Isn’t it ridiculous that we are here?” An unnamed soldier shoots back.

He goes on to explain that the army has decided to abstain “based on the fact that they put us on the front line with nothing at all.”

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“I want to tell you more. Our commander has left us and even the Colonel of Staff,” he said, adding that they decided to flee on the advice of a lawyer.

“They don’t offer us anything [equipment]”The rifle given to the sniper was” from 1943, “he added.

The other units said, “Look at them,’What a hell, what do you need them for?’ They laugh at us. Do you know what they call us? ? Blessed. Ask, “Why was it blessed?” They say that we are walking around without any equipment or helmets. … The Chechens call us meat. “

“It’s not an escape because we shouldn’t be in this territory …. We crossed the border in the 200s,” he said, using Russian military terminology for those killed in battle. bottom. “We’re not really here. So if they say I’m a deserter, stop, I’m not here. If not, prove.”

Other Russian soldiers are said to have taken similar drastic steps to get out of the war. Ukrainian intelligence recently released several records allegedly showing Russian soldiers trying to hurt themselves in an attempt to pull them away from the war.

On Thursday, Ukrainian security services released another recording He said he would clarify that tendency. On a phone call allegedly intercepted between two Russian soldiers, one of the men told a friend that the fighting became more and more intense day by day, and despite the daily deaths, military leadership provided backup. He said he didn’t.

“Hold someone else’s weapon, the Ukrainian weapon, and shoot yourself with your feet,” his friend advises.

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